I thought the 80s were dead!-

hmmm D. woods looking rather WACK! in this get up. Yall didnt have a stylist when yall was together get one chick now that your solo!

Where's Rain?

Wih only 4 days left...

With the Election only 4 days away, I found some of these touching pictures by Callie Shell from the Times. I know who I'm voting for do you? To review the full lot of photos, you must click here to view more pics by Callie Shell of Obama.
While Obama goes over his speech in his head, Michelle and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, check him over. Several minutes later he walked out to announce he was running for President of the United States. Springfield, Ill., 2/10/2007.
It was primary morning in New Hampshire. Barack and Michelle Obama had been campaigning separately all week. In the first few months of 2008 their private time seemed to consist of a few crossover moments in back hallways before rallies. This moment was rare and you could tell they just loved being able to sit together. Jan. 8, 2008.
Senator Obama was doing press interviews by telephone in a holding room between events. Sometime later as he was getting ready to begin his event, he asked me if I was photographing his shoes. When I said yes, he told me that he had already had them resoled once since he entered the race a year earlier. Providence, R.I., 3/1/2008.

Time to Get All Dressed up!

Being held @ THE PiNK ROOM- 199 Bowery St. NYC. Music By DJ Spinna Dress w/21st Century elegance Ladies; Cocktail dresses, Skirts, Tuxedo pants. Guys;Blazer or vest, Button down w/ neck tie. Slacks or Jeans w/shoes or sneakers...FRESH ones! Live Models Showcase ~ Union Of Fashion & Music ** Tickets Available Online At www.brownpapertickets.com/event/46360
Directions To PINK: Subway: #6 Train To Spring Street / F Train to 2nd Ave / J & M Trains

Estelle ft Sean Paul " Come Over"

Married to the Mob Holiday 08'

SOOO I just figuired out what I wanted on my Christmas list First is sick ass Jacket from MOB I need this in my life ASAPito!

FREE Uniqlo in Times Square

UNIQLO is giving you the chance to get your hands on their ever changing and innovative styling. In Times Square (Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 43rd and 44th Streets) next month on Tuesday, November 18th at 1pm you will have the chance to experience their project "Human Vending Machine". Stolen from Abstract minds

God Never quits so why should you!

"Blessed are you who enter in God's name— from God's house we bless you! God is God, he has bathed us in light. Festoon the shrine with garlands, hang colored banners above the altar! You're my God, and I thank you. O my God, I lift high your praise. Thank God—he's so good. His love never quits!" Pslams 118, from The Message Bible

For a little over a month I have been jobless, laying low, eating everything in sight and going into a state of Depression. I promised myself not to cry and just keep positive until 2 weeks ago I had a huge mental breakdown. I just could take it anymore so I prayed and prayed and prayed some more. God had spoke to me right then and there, he told me to be patient something is gonna come and its gonna be bigger than you could have imagined. I had no idea what he was talking about but I kept the faith and waited. I looked everywhere for a job and even applied for Mcdonalds just to keep the lights on until I got the job opportunity of a lifetime. I was blessed with a job at Louis Vuitton, God is good and all the time God is good. When things seem like things they are getting worse just hold on a little bit longer God is just making a way outta no where for you! and if you can't pray Hit me up Ill pray for you or even with you! I am living proof! I love you Jesus!

xoxo Rain

Rockstar :The Movie!

Rockstar society: THE MOVIE from Nunnie20 on Vimeo. My name is Rain King and I fucking support this movie!!

Aint No Line too long!!!

Bring a chair bring a snack bring a magazine but don't forget to Vote!!! Dont leave!! VOTE!!!

Diddy Blog # 30 : The twins endorse Obama!

Too cute!!


Three brand new pieces from the MCM and TI$A Phenomenon collection. I need those fucking gloves asap to ride on my fake Motorcycle asap!!! lol You can get your hands on this good shyt right ->CLICK HERE

TI ft Rihanna " Live your Life"

Throwback video of the Day: Total " Kissin You"

Movie Review!: SAW 5

I thought is was hot!! but Jason thought it was wack!

PAARTTTYYY!! Fashion and Music!!!

me and my lova will be here at least I hope so! xox

I wish I had 100 bucks for this 1

The BKc Black Out of 2008, “Varsity Duffle Raffle” . . . What’s an Annual “Bkc Black Out” shopping experience without a Giveaway? Yep, it’s back! All you have to do is spend $100 or more between now and Thursday November 27th, and you’re automatically entered to win your choice of: Grand Prize: An unreleased Blue or Red BKc Varsity Jacket (value $300) OR The Brooklyn Circus + FILA Varsity Duffle Bag (value $260), in this economy anything you win is priceless.

Christina A. " Keeps Getting better"

Keeps Gettin' Better (Official Video)

im home

Im home resting... Thanks jason :)

oh my sweet Jesus!

Watch out, Christian Louboutin! I am currently losing my mind over Nicholas Kirkwood, British shoemaker extraordinaire–and current design director of Pollini’s footwear collection. These shoes are high fashion with a bad-girl edge. It’s all in the details like the woven leather, snakeskin heels, and that cool, jagged platform. Given that Kirkwood did the shoes for Rodarte’s spring show, it’s clear that the red soles are facing some stiff competition. But I will always be a red sole girl till I die!

Yes you still have to pay child support for Madison and Jaden!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Morton, you are 23! today stop lying about your age only Woman do that! xoxo Love you


its 9pm and...

its 9pm and I'm suppose to be seeing my baby daddy but I didn't feel to well so i came straight home. My mother is taking me to the hospital and yes I am being admitted for Pneumonia. Im sorry Jason that I didn't call.

Sex Pistol!!

Name: MiYU

Age: 19 soon to be 20 in Nov!

Single or Taken: Single

Myspace url: http://www.%20myspace.%20com/_miyu_/

Where r u reppin?: Yokohama, 045

Occupation: Entertainer

Why Do you think your a sex pistol? everything about "MiYU"

Peanut butter & Jelly or Ham & Cheese? Ham & Cheese

If you could have 3 Party guests at your party dead or alive who would they be?

Pharrell, Kanye and Lupe.

What article of clothing you would take if it was the end of the world? my freakum dress lol

Any Last words... What you're gonna do is what matters most not what you have done in the past. Look forward and just go for it.MiYU

Rock Band!!!

Director Brett Ratner got Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, Tony Hawk and Kobe Bryant together for this Risky Business-style commercial. This is shyt is dumb funny!

My Prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson!

This is incredibly sad and horrible news. News stations are now reporting that Jennifer’s mother Darnell Hudson and her brother jason were killed in their Chicago home. It is also being reported that Jennifer’s nephew Julian, her sister Julia’s son, is now being held for ransom. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her family girl just keep on praying and I will too.


Here is the extended trailer of the highly anticipated movie Notorious. The film tells the story of the Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.’ Wallace (played by Jamal Woolard), who came straight out of Brooklyn to take the world of rap music by storm. Look out for it in theaters on January 16th. If this shyt is wack I will riot!! trust me!

Seventeen Magazine Wants you!!!

Do you live in the New York metro area? Have you dreamed of modeling for Seventeen? Now's your chance!! If you live in the New York metro area, and are between the ages of 14 and 20, you're eligible to be a reader model! Stop by the Seventeen Magazine offices for the Seventeen Reader Model Open Call. When EVERY Friday from 4P.M. to 5P.M. (You do not need to make an appointment) Where Seventeen Magazine, 300 W 57th Street at 8th Ave. Who You! You do not need a modeling portfolio or professional pictures. We want to see YOU--so please don't wear a lot of makeup, and wear an outfit that reflects your personal style. If you're under 18, bring a parent or guardian with you. Apply at www.seventeen.com

Saw V Im soo Fucking Excited!!!

If you don't already know,TODAY!!!! marks the 5th installation of the Saw movie series. For anyone who needs to have their memory jogged or may have missed 1 of the 4 previous movies, starting today, October 23rd, at 4pm, select movie theaters across the country will be hosting Saw Movie Marathons! Cost: $15 YES!! For FIFTEEEN bucks you can catch ALL FIVE Saw movies (assuming you can sit in a movie theater for 10+ hours). For those of you who live in NYC, you can catch the marathon at AMC Empire 25 (Times Square).

Its Obama Fever!

Yup thats Obama pic on Eve's thumb, he gets a thumbs up in my book and her book too! November 4th is goes down!!! See you at the Polls! Stolen from Perezhilton.com

Design a Dress for Mariah!

Want to make a name for yourself?? Mariah Carey partners mywith Brickfish and Elizabeth Arden, is calling on fashion designer hopefuls to create a luscious pink dress that embodies everything magical, sensual, and sparkly about her new Luscious Pink fragrance. Play Mariah’s personal designer and create your own frock from scratch or use the pre-made templates. Three designs will be selected; one for Mariah to don, one to add to your own collection, and one to be produced and auctioned off to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Over 1,400 designs have already been submitted for the November 14, 2008 deadline.For more information and to start sketching, visit the Mariah Carey Luscious Pink contest page. My Design of course is already in!

I heard you can't Cook!! Get some tips from Chef Jay S.

From a Few Humble Martians comes Jay S. a young Chef from Brooklyn showing you how yo make simple meals so you won't stave to death and this is for the Brothers claiming you can cook! Take Note!!!

Its about Fuckin Time!

Its about Fckin time someone put these fellas on a mag and give cred when its due. All the guys on the mags deserve it but I feel like there are some people missing??? Like Hy-jynx, Print, Wordspit, Fresh Daily, Sandman, Kapps! But maybe it will be their year next year!

Paris Hilton Covers Nylon Magazine

I actually just picked this up, well I stole it from the gym yesterday! lol

Beyonce Covers InStyle

B Looks hot as ever but she said nothing in this article about Jigga, SMH I need a real wedding pic asap!

"Live your Life" PREVIEW!

Very Interesting so Far...

ALIFE Courtyard Sale!


Kissed by Rain spring 09 update!

Bold Eclectic and sassy are just some of the words here at Kissed by
Rain we use to describe spring 09. Bright colors are the norm but we
kick it up a bit more with sicker patterns and more designs. 15 design
to be exact. Also I will have my own radio show very soon and look out
for my new baby Project Fashion for all you NYC high school seniors.
Slowly but surely im gonna make it work. Dreams are real im living
M!$$ Rain

Fashion Tat of October

I know its been a minute with the fashion tat but I haven't really found
one that is worth posting till now. One of my lil sister's friend Apple
has this sick ass tat. Its 3 buttons that is pulling her skin together
to make it close like a button up shirt. Sick huh? She says she isn't
done because she wants to add a collar and a tie. Seriously this makes
me wanna get a sleeve bad... uhhh the pressure
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

M.I.A is Preggers!!!

And she looks soo cute. Here she is performing at the Diesel Party in DUMBO

Theophilus London -TNT

I love this gyal!

Another day, another Vogue cover for Reese Witherspoon. The Oscar winner is gracing the front of the November issue

20 signs your cuffed!!!

1. Say goodbye to your swag, your not the fun single friend nomore, you the stuck up BITCH 2. You start to think about his opionion when you in the store buying clothes. ("I wonder if he would like this") 3. You have every Bath N Body spray and lotion. 4. You catch a attitude w/ everyone who calls your phone cuz it aint him. 5. Your friends change the subject everytime you bring up his name (cuz they know you gonna start w/ "I aint fucking wit him nomore") 6. Your friends don't invite you places anymore, they simple hit him up and ask "can she go out this weekend?" 7. He got your voicemail/ myspace/ email and blackberry password. 8. You deny comments that you used to approve, cuz you don't wanna hear his mouth 9. You can think of at least 20 songs that remind you of him 10. You get mad when dudes try to talk to you cuz "they should know your taken" 11. YOU DON'T MIND FRONTIN THE BILL!!!!!! You even pay your own CaB!Consider yourself CUFFED!" 12. You go to his parties alone 13. You accept the 4am calls, even though your sleeping and say "NAH I WAS UP" 14. You clean his room, while he takes a shower 15. You check all his myspace comments, even the ones that was there before he met you 16. You start hanging out with his friends instead of your own 17. He knows ya cycle just as well as you do 18. You become part of the family. ("Hey sis, lmao") 19. You start to care about shit you never cared about before 20. Last but not least, the niggas dick and tongue game got you hooked! Consider yaself CUFFED! -signed Sarcastic B!tch

Fafi is coming to NY!!!

Chris Brown Superhuman feat. Keri Hilson

Ehhh Ehh But wait!!

I had to get real Yardie on the people with this shyt Im hearing soo early in the morning! Apparently, backstage at T.I.’s Myspace concert a week or so ago, Kanye West and Rihanna got extra cuddly in their dressing room. “Rihanna and Kanye hung out together after they performed their songs,” a Star Magazine snitch blabs. “Rihanna was sitting on Kanye’s lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other.” “People were shocked,” the spy adds. “After a while, Rihanna must have realized people were watching, because she had her security escort her back to the dressing room.” Stolen from theybf.com Get the fuck outta here! She come from the islands and I see she don't know how to act! SMH!

Would you Strip Tease for your man on a Coffee table!!!

This right here is some crazy shyt!! She takes her sweet time to put on some wedges then she only shows her ankle, and is clearly singing off the melody. But trust me it gets better please watch this!

Im on Styleaholics.com!!

Kissed by Rain was featured on Styleaholics.com check it out!

Im dying my hair back to black

Rihanna's hair looked extra greased up in these pics. Loved the black hair and the red dress! Very chic very clean! No Hate yet!