Fashion walks like this!

Did I mention how much I love Spring! ME and my Yeni doing a final walk at SUNY Bridgeport show! Love it!

Eye Candy!

Meet my future baby daddy Shyrod! This hawt piece of Sexy Ass is killing the modeling game out in Cali. I miss him o so much!

Oh Word Kanye!

Looking extra sexy in this Suit vneck combo!!! Love how the Summer Suit is killing the spring already!

This show is the worst show on TV... Period

Im sorry but I happened to finally catch this show last night and I thought it was the worst show I have ever seen. Other than One of the cast members none of them is ACTUALLY from Harlem but the show is basically watching them walk around Harlem or Manhatten. I don't care about who is dating who but more so what is going on with their Careers. SMH @ BET for this Crap now if you come to BK, shoot me an email I know some people that are doing shyt with their lives that need a reality show!

Israel Houghton Just Wanna' Say

This is what is holding me today and always! Thank you Jesus!

Diddy Wants you?

Tomorrow you have a shot at making your wildest dreams come true, when P. Diddy's Faces of the Future contest kicks off. The winner will star in Sean John's fall ad campaign. Enter by uploading your photo to the Sean John site between tomorrow and April 29. The general public can log on to vote and comment on potential models, which sounds like either the setup for a lot of hurt feelings, or a great way for entrants to get the cheap thrills they once got on MySpace. The ten entrants with the most votes will meet with Sean John executives during the first week of May. A winner will be announced May 8.


Kanye x Louis Vuitton Ads

Is it just me or do these ads show nothing about his Sneakers... There just pics of Kanye

Guns & ....

"Roses" Love it!!! Miss E-Money Lopez is the shyt because I dont have the balls to do this!

Tree grows in a man's Lung

Doctors in the Urals region of Russia were amazed when they found a fir tree growing inside the patient's lung. The doctors removed Surgeons made the discovery when they were doing a biopsy on the 28-year-old man, Artyom Sidorki. He had complained to doctors of having extreme pains in his chest, and had also been coughing up blood.His doctors suspected Artyom had cancer. That's when they decided to perform the biopsy procedure to make sure.But they never imagined seeing a small spruce growing inside the lung tissue. One of the surgeons, Vladimir Kamashev, says, "I blinked three times and thought I was seeing things." Doctors are convinced the man had somehow inhaled a seed, which began to succesfully grow inside his lung.

Look of the day!

I absolutely love this look! Key for the summer is a great suit! Kuddos to Lauren the Material Girl!

Vernis Roses from Louis Vuitton

The Homecoming!!

And here we go!

Today I am going to sever a tie I messed up because of my bullshit. So
todays advice from me to you is if you don't talk to someone because of
some dumb stuff, kiss and make up. Don't wanna go thru life hating
anyone, remember love one another just as God loves us. God = Love
M!$$ Rain

Gotta love Miss Halle

Copycat or not!?

Is Cassie a Copycat of Kesh the Dj or not? You decide!?

Sweet Mary Mother of God! WISHLIST!!!!

Nicolas Kirkwood Gold Platform Buckle Slingback Price: 795.00 Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform Sandal Price:$760.00
Christian Louboutin Suede Cage Bootie Price: $1,095.00
This is start of my summer wishlist of Heels!!!

How To Mend A Broken Heart

Loving again is often the hardest thing to do after you’ve had your heart broken. Allowing yourself the opportunity, space and time to process, grieve and recover from a relationship once it’s ended, is not only beneficial, but a necessary step in moving forward. While the natural inclination may be to build a wall around your heat and vow to never let anyone hurt you again, there are valuable lessons can be learned from loves that don’t last. Here are a few tips that can help you mend a broken heart.
Tip 1 – Don’t romanticize the relationship. When a relationship comes to an end, avoid the mistake of only remembering “the good times,” or the things that you miss about the person. Be honest with yourself about the good and the bad experiences that were a part of the relationship. Remember: THERE IS A REASON THAT THE TWO OF YOU ARE NO LONGER TOGETHER. Instead of simply trying to “move on,” work toward understanding some important things about the relationship, and yourself. What attracted you to a relationship with this person? Were there any “signs” that you missed or chose to ignore that let you know that the two of you were not compatible? Is there any emotional baggage ( i.e. jealousy, insecurity, low self-esteem) that you may have come into the relationship with that may have contributed to the relationship’s demise? The more objective you can be about the relationship (and your role within it), the better chance you have of being able to utilize the relationship as a stepping stone toward a happier, healthier one in the future. Tip 2 – Take stock of what you’ve learned. Although the relationship didn’t go the distance, it doesn’t mean that the lessons that you learn from the experience can’t. As you explore the various aspects of your relationship (as outlined in Tip 1), take the next step and apply what you’ve learned. If you allowed yourself to take a gamble on a less than ideal relationship, why did you make that choice? What changes would you have to make so that you don’t make the same choice in a future situation? If there are some previous wounds that you haven’t healed, what is stopping you from doing so and at what point will you make the decision to tend to those wounds? It is not time that heals all wounds. It is what you do with that time that heals those wounds. Take note of the things that you are doing (or not doing) that may be preventing you from moving on. If you find that you are having difficulty working this step, spend a little more time working on Tip 1. Tip 3 – Be open to give & receive love again. Don’t re-injure yourself or deepen the wound by closing yourself off to love. By the same token, don’t rush into a new relationship too quickly either. Doing so only increases the likelihood that you’ll make many of the same mistakes that you did in the previous relationship and find yourself even more deeply hurt and disappointed by yet another broken heart. Instead, go slowly and use what you’ve learned from your previous relationships to your advantage. Equally important, don’t hold your new love responsible for the pain and heartache that you may have previously experienced. Remind yourself as often as necessary that they are not your ex and that the only common denominator between your old love and your new one is Y-O-U. If you see any similarities between them, then go back to Tip 1 and start from the beginning ( i.e. what contributes to your choosing the same kind of mate over and over again?). If you have difficulty arriving at the answer, seek out a qualified professional that may be able to assist you. Above all, understand that a relationship coming to an end doesn’t mean that either of you are bad people. It simply means that you need different things in order to be satisfied in a relationship. The end of a relationship is a sign that your needs are looking to be filled. Honor yourself by refusing to settle for a relationship that doesn’t have the ability to nourish you in the ways you need it to the most.
My Girl Spirit from Obvious Mag wrote this and it is helping me to heal!

Im a Vegetarian!

Today is Official day 6 of me being a vegetarian. Its been pretty ok I
just eat more fruits and vegetables than before. I get extra tempted
when I am around my west indians and I am feening for some curry chicken
and roti but I am going to do it! Here is a picture of what I ate on my
first day as a vegetarian ... mango chicken and rice mmm mmm good!
M!$$ Rain

Nail color for the moment

Feeling kinda springy with this coral nail color with an abstract pinky
nail... with blue, black and green colors to make up the coral nail.
Spring is in the air let your nails do the talking.
M!$$ Rain

Happy Birthday Alex!

Happy Birthday to my darling Alex... today was his 3rd birthday and had
a Blue's clues slash Diego party. I had a ball and we sang Happy
Birthday. Love you Alex
M!$$ Rain

Nothing like a fresh tube of lipstick

Why I woke up this morning only to see my Lil sister's new tat! A fresh
new tube of lipstick on her tibia aka right by her elbow inspired by a
head scarf I have, and the ever present Kissed by Rain flow. Love it...
I won't copy it but it has inspired me to get another... hmm what will I
think of next. Time to color my back! Till next time!
M!$$ Rain