my weekend is like...

Well today I will interviewing Danielle Roundtree for the blog on how she got to Miss New York 2008, and what is it going to take to get her to be Miss USA! I know she can do it... Tomorrow I got work and then I gotta go see Mr. Fox and kick him in his butt around 8pm.. Sunday I got work again and then Ill come to finish the line... Have a great weekend! See you Monday! Rain xoxo


I will be in the building tonight!!!

Sex Pistol of the Day!!

Name: JEAN√ČNE from 9-5, LOLA when the sun sets
Age: 21
where you reppin: My tee says I ♥ NEW YORK, I whip my Beemer down the belt parkway towards LONG ISLAND, get off at the FREEPORT exit headed for home, But i was born in VENEZUELA, and bred in TRINIDAD. Questions?
Occupation Kanye said it best: the majors that i majored in don't make no money but i couldn't drop out, the parents would look at me funny...Im fresh outta college with two useless degrees. And getting ready to go right back to Law School in August. Got a job for me until then?
Why are you a sex pistol?Because i'm SoDynamic.
Have you heard? I hiss these word that vibrate.Can you feel me?
Im screaming but im silent. Do you hear it? A breath of My fresh
Smells like dynamite Because im so Dynamic Have you heard?
Obama or Hillary? Both. May the best man (or woman) win, and may the second best become vice president.
What boutique do you shop at? State side (meaning in America) My mother's closet. It gets no better...and everything is free! Internationally? My mothers Boutique. Its called West, located in Port of Spain, Trinidad. And guess what, everything is still free!
\Who would be your ultimate Party Guest? Marie Antoinette
What kind of phone do you Own? Hit me on my side and we can kick it on my sidekick.(And a little red samsung phone for when my "G" disappears...Sidekickers, you know exactly what i mean)
Favorite Clothing Line: Versace
FINAL Words... Live. Laugh.

First Look...

Kissed by Rain is Back for 08' and getting real grown up with it... Skirts is first with pockets in different colors... Im rocking the .. well I don't have a name yet but maybe you peeps can help me come up with a name for this skirt its Blue with purple pockets.... HELP!

New Rocksmith Ads

Everyone is on or at least trying to be on they supra shyt.. but this dude mick been on it for a min. Check out the song. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW TRACK THAT'S TAKING STREETWEAR BYSTORM, "I LIKE YOUR SUPRA'S (THE SUPRA SONG)


Louis Vuitton Fall 08 MILIAN

MEN all over the world the key next season is suiting it up... If you don't own a Suit you better get one asap! Grey, Black, or Navy blue is something all men should have in their closets.. not just Nike SBs


As I was in my Basement designing some shyt... I sat and begain to think...... 1) having no pants on with a sweater is cool 2)Nakedness is hot 3) I can't wait for the new kissed by rain season to drop 4) anddddd Love stinks 5) is age really just a number

Colin Monroe " Flashing Lights" Video

Blason_ Pharell New Jewlery Line! PREVIEW!

Here are a few pictures of some of the Jewelry Collection designed by Pharrell & Camille Miceli for Louis Vuitton.

dang Weezy!

Dwayne Carter, Jr.–a.k.a. Weezy F. Baby–was arrested last night outside of Yuma, Arizona on three felony counts: possession of dangerous drugs, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia. So this is like arrest number 20? If you can’t stay away from the drug nonsense, AT LEAST (esp. after being arrested for the same ish this many times) get a duffel bag boy to carry that ish for you. What is so hard? Honestly, I’m convinced there’s something about being in lock up this dude is feelin’. I could make a joke about that but this is all too sad a matter.


Is that Chris Brown and Rihanna in a Black SUV trying to hide??? ha ha it aint working boo... if they are a new couple.. I see she likes them young!

Dress of the week!

Miss Cole hit up TRL yesterday and rocked this cute number. From Head to her ankle she looks hot... but seriously I don't where she got the shoes??? Hmm Ill leave that one alone.

Throwback of the day!

I love Pooch Hall!!

When is the new season of the game starting!!! AHHHHHH RE RUNS!!!!


Because Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is just a blink away. From February 1st to the 8th, the hottest designers will be showcasing their Fall 2008 Collections. The first show takes place in the Salon for Nautica. My most anticipated show would have to be Project Runway (yes they have their own their own show this year in the tent), but also 3.1 Phillip Lim, Erin Fetherston, Lela Rose, Angel Sanchez, Tracy Reese and Zac Posen. Here is the schedule. See you at the promenade!

Lip Gloss!!! For that hot date!

DiorKiss Dior's innovative, "Wonder Booster Complex" nourishes and plumps the lips to smooth, supple, perfection. The transparent shine, non-sticky texture, and long-lasting wear is sure to grab attention (and keep it). Size: 0.6 oz for only 19 bucks! I kissed my boo on his cheek and it wasn't sticky! this is a Keeper!

Lily Allen has had a Miscarriage

As Lily Allen has suggered a miscarriage it hasn't slowed her down from her plans of being a mother, for the singer is ready to try for another baby.A friend of the 'Smile' singer said that Lily and her boyfriend Ed Simons are planning to start trying for another baby as soon as Lily's doctor gives her the "all clear." The 22-year-old singer had a miscarriage after returning from a romantic holiday with Simons. The singer has been comforted by her father Keith Allen and brother Alfie, who have been by her side since the unfortunate incident occurred.

Apple - MacBook Air

For all of the Apple enthusiasts out there like us here at Freshness, today was the day that we got a glimpse at the newest product to come out of Cupertino, California. The MacBook Air was revealed today and is available on Apple’s Online Store for Pre-Order and will be shipping in a couple of weeks. The ultra portable computer is the “world’s thinnest notebook” measuring 0.16″ at the top and 0.76″ on the bottom. The screen is an LED backlit 13.3″ widescreen with a magnetic latch. One of the dopest features on the new MacBook Air is the multi-touch keypad that allows users to double-tap and move, rotate pictures with a finger, and the iPhone famous “pinch and zoom”. Intel shrunk it’s Intel Core 2 Duo Processor to fit inside the computer, which additionally comes with 2GB RAM, a 64 GB SSD or 80 GB Hard drive. The MacBook Air surprisingly is only $1799. You can't tell me this shyt aint hot Im sooo Getting this!! via

Steerwear meets Muic!!!

Throwback of the Day!

I just remembered yesterday was Aaliyah's Birthday she would have been 29, what an Angel!! RIP Boo

Sex Pistol for the New Year!

Name: Sais
age: 12
Where you reppin: Saisolovania
Myspace or web site?
Single?? Like Kraft Cheese Slices
Why are you a Sex Pistol? I'm a sex pistol because they like the way i pat off my weapon.
Hillary or Obama - Obama, we need that right now.
Favorite Food - Pork Fried Rice and boneless spare ribs with duck sauce, soy sauce, mustard and hot pepper oil.
Favorite Boutique - Supreme
Mickey Facts or Sais? - Mickey owes me a dollar so Sais alll the way !
Final Words... You can download the OverAchiever @ and look out for the new Sais tees coming soon. Shout out to my bavy muvva, Gas'd, Socky Chop, Street Cosignor, Herfection , James Watts. andd uhhhhh My name is pronounced Size , not says .. or sahh eez. Peace !

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2008 Milian

3 piece suits in Gray! how sexier can this get!

"SCREAM" New Vid Timbaland!

David Beckham for Emporio Armani!

all I have to say is wow! I wish my boo looked liked this!!!

Gucci Fall 2008 - MILIAN!

For the fellas this fall season who dare to be different... Velvet is back and Hard leather jacket kill the season to make outfits more edgier. The pea coat and the Cardigian are here to stay but added is the military jacket to attract a different look!!! I love it! Im Hype for new fall!!

Say hello to my new phone!!!!

IM BACKKKKKKK So hit me up for my number!!!!! and Ill give it to you!!! It feels soo Good to back!!! xoxoxoxox

New Kelly Rowland Vid " Daylight"


Add to My Profile | More Videos New Video Daylight Featuring Travis McCoy Of Gym Class Heroes, this is a cute little video!

Chrish New Vid " Killa"

Cherish - "Killa" feat. Yung Joc

Add to My Profile | More Videos ehhhhh not my favorite but I know the movie Step up 2 wil be interesting.. I think!!

BOOM BOX for your Ipod!?

There are plenty of boom box-inspired iPod setups, but there's nothing that even comes close to the Lasonic Ghetto Blaster. This shyt is hella dope!

MIA for Marc By Marc Jacobs!

Fuck wat cha hear MIA is here to Stay!!! As she is totally kills these AD campaigns for Marc! Im soo Hype for Fashion Week!

Saturday its all about you!!!

Browse at the Bliss counter and experience a mini-facial featuring the Triple Oxygen Mask. When: 1/12 (11–6). Where: Bloomingdale's Soho, 504 Broadway, nr. Broome St.; 212-729-5900.

Its all in the bag Seriously!

These are the hot ass bags hitting Brooklyn Circus sometime soon. Thatbrown leather is going to be a problem for the summer!


So Amy decided it would be cute if she died her hair... hmmmmm Iono mann now you can see all the hurt and the pain all up on her, BUT at least her nails look good.

Coming soon!

Its a remake of the 1980 thriller but way cooler!!! Here is the Link to the trailer! Thank god my prom night wasn't like this! Click HERE to view the trailer

Remember this!!

Today is the DEY!

Get to know Divine, Elan Luz, and YEYO of the group "The Dey" coming out of New York, Miami and Puerto Rico! Divine friend requested me a while back and this morning as I was cleaning the bathroom( yes I do clean) listening to Hot 97 and I heard " The Dey" first single " Give you the World" they are on the rise so get to know them now. They were recently signed to Epic records and are getting ready to release there first LP!!! Elan she is killing the singing seriously! and Divine and YEYO are hotties to the bone! Their music really make spanish really sexy and I really feel the music!
This is 08' and if your not doing anything you better do something!
check out the link!


Thanks a largely in part to the Skytop, Supra has exploded in the last year. Among the releases for this January are a green version of their Skytop, a colorway similar to a previous purple release. All new releases can call Factory 413 their new home as a new flagship store for Supra and KR3W goods alike. Available later this month with a suggested price of $105 USD.