My life in a nutshell!

What can I say life is going great for myself and the line my Child "Kissed By Rain". Its Crazy when your a child you tell you mom or dad what you wanted to be when you were a kid, I told my parents I wanted to be a Baker! hahaha
I Really want to send my hugs and kisses to those who have stuck by myside during my Child's birth. I love you and completely appreciate it. I won't call names out but you know who you are.
xoxo Rain
(this is me finally sleeping after Adelphi University's Fashion Show, Pic taken by Keem)

Nike Urban Country Club Pack "Green"

Im sooo feeling this freaking dunk! probably because it has the print on the side of it. The Dunk Hi of the other Urban Country Club Pack, which is pretty much exactly the same, except, that it comes with green accents, a little stronger than the other pack!

No one loves u bitch give it up!!

Yes Yes Yes Y'all they gave this troll another season of I love NY because apparently she didn't find love on the first season! HA no one like you bitch keep it moving!
Those Implants are not POPPIN!!

Lionel's 22nd Birthday Party!

Ladies Meet Lionel Bernard!( ) A 6'1 Bachelor from Hollis Queens, New York. DID YOU HEAR ME BACHELOR!! which means he is single!! But anyways he is a Marketing Major at Nassau Community College and loves to eat food as along as it taste good! He doesn't dance too much, because he is the one working the parties as being apart of Da Cyph the College Club Kings. But when he isn't partying he likes to play basketball, and play video games. Some of his favorite clothing lines include Crooks&Castles, Lemar & Dauley, Greedy Genius and Polo Ralph Lauren. Ladies pay close attention right here!!- He likes his Shortie to be cute, smart, sexy, and can dress their ass off. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT LIONEL SERIOUSLY!!! hahah j/k He is having the ultimate birthday party this Friday May 4th!!!

Its going down at Amazura Nightclub ( 91-12 144th Place Jamaica, NY) Doors Open at 10pm and they wont open back up until 4am! From my understanding Tickets is sold out, like none left PERIOD! soo if you wanna go you got to be there at 9pm! and im not joking!!

Oh yea did I mention Chris Brown will be there cuz its his birthday weekend too!! While DJ Enuff will be on the 1s and 2s

Ill see u there

Happy Birthday Lionel!! xoxo

YES YES YEs Lily Allen has put out her new clothing line and it is FAB!! For Lily’s inspiration, she looked into her closet full of 300 dresses. Her favorite piece of her Lily Loves New Look collection is the graffiti embroidered sundress, the embroidery designered used Lily’s song titles as inspiration! Expect to see bright and breezy patterns and lots of happy colors in her collection, all her dresses are super-girly but you don’t have to be a size 0 to wear her dresses. The key to her designs are to be accessorised…the more the better. I’m kinda liking the Blue jewel-pattern dizzy shift dress and Sulphur Gandalf-print shift dress in gold. To learn more about the Lily Loves New Look collection visit

Revolver x So Me S/S 07

I freaking love this Sweatshirt!!! Once again Japanese brand Revolver and French Ed Banger Records get together on a piece of clothing. This time So Me (French Artist and Ed Banger Art Director) from the Ed Banger crew created a graphic, that gets released as part of the Revolver Spring/Summer 2007 collection on a crewneck sweater. The multicolor design reads "On my Boulevard you better bring your Bodyguard" - nice french touch to it! I would rock the hell outta this shyt!!! And if you didnt know well now you know! The crewneck sweater will be sold at Sold Out!
Via High Snobiety

Little Girls are just sooo god Damn Fast!! OM GOSH!!!

Akon let a 14-year-old young lady grind his lower body region. This was a contest of who could grind the best. Akon and his staff didn’t know she was 14. The young ladies father is actually a preacher. He’s highly pissed at AKON for allowing shit like this at his show. I wouldn’t be mad at him. I’d be mad at her ass for being there… Her ass should be reading a book or playing with dolls not at a 21 and older event!! Via

Strip Down to Your tru "COLORS"

Its Going Down... This Friday April 27, 2007!!! from 10PM to 4am At the Elite Ark (900 SHEFFIELD AVE. BETWEEN STANLEY & WORTHMAN) in Brooklyn those Men of Da Cyph will be leaving there home in Queens to come to the the wildest borough that really Party's BROOKLYN to Host along with V.I.P Promotions " Colors Part 1" BUT wait before you choose that outfit there are some rules to this party!!
Color Definitions
ORANGE- YOUR CHEATING ON SOMEONE I will be rocking mostly all these colors except black because im not in denial like alot of chicks but study the chart so when you see me you will know the deal!!
Of Course advanced tickets are $15.00 bucks and at the Door I have no idea how much! Lord only knows! Also if you went to Chris and Randy's Birthday party at Amuzura and didnt get in you can bring that ticket and get in to this Party!
But if you Do need tickets you can hit my Boy Junebugg at 7187751305 or Fredstar at 9176509178
PS! I will be Looking for the next celeb for " You Look a Hot mess" but Im switching it... on the ladies... Im looking for the dude who can't dress!!! SOO watch out!
See you Friday!! XOXOX Rainy

Look Like a Picnic TableCloth!!

I love this Look for the summer! The print is called Gingham and its been Spotted everywhere for this season!
A Kissed By Rain Hoodie sported this print as well

BAPE Spring / Summer Catalog Pictures

Here it is folks; the long awaited Spring/Summer v1.1 Catalog by A Bathing Ape. Here are some choice selections from the catalog. Im lovin the tees for the summer, Bright colors and Camo it dont get no better than this!For More Information please go to

"You can Come Under my Umberella"

Here is a couple of Pics from Rih Rih's Single "Umberella" ft Jay-z Off her up and coming album "Good Girl Gone Bad"... Dang Rih Im loving the Shots already!

Kicks X Chocolate!

Plus41, the swiss graphic design agency and clothing brand, known for their chocolate mini sneakers, present their latest chocolate creation in the line-up. For the 25th anniversary of the Air Force 1, they of course created the AF1 mini chocolate sneaker. Until now you could only find it at the AF1 birthday celebrations around the globe and now finally you can purchase it directly. The sneakers will soon be available at Colette. Via High Snobiety

You can Look Like Louis Vuitton!!!

During the Spring 2007 Show of Louis Vuitton's Ready to Wear line, many witnessed Fashion taken to a new height!
You know those bags that you buy for about $5.00 in the Discount store to hold your laundry when your going to the laundry mat, or to put food in when you go to that Family Picnic... It has been totally revamped!!
Yes it is now cool to Rock on of these bags if your totally freaking bossy like myself and never stick to the trend... But truthfully if see one those rich ass people rocking one of these bags... Call them an idiot of paying sooo much for plastic when they can get it for cheap! Ill be rocking one of these this weekend!!! Trust!


I have no idea why but I have been Buying accessories like a Nut all over the place... But I am really into the bangle game right now. For some reason the Juicy Couture Charm bracelet doesn't fit my wrist I dont know why but whatever... Yes I will not Say that its Because I have Fat wrists because Thats whack!....
But I Came Across Juicys New Bangles!! Which I Love! and will be getting at the end of the week!

Goldtone bangle set of three includes pink enamel logo bangle and two thin goldtone bangles. its Priced at $82.00 and can be found at Bloomingdales on 59th and in Soho, and the Juicy Store in Soho.

Goldtone wide bangle with enamel and goldtone logo details. This on is priced at $68.00 and can also be found at Bloomingdales and the Juicy Store in Soho.

Speaking of Rih Rih!

Def Jam has released her New Album Covers but haven't Decided on which of the two to choose.
I Like the First one better but is it just me or did they Cut off her forehead a whole lot in these 2 pics!!... HMMMM

Rih Rih and Omarion!! Say it aint so!

Rumored new couple Rih Rih and Omarion have been captured on video leaving Maestro in LA the other night. Here's the vid--and stop the denial Rih Rih. And From my understanding despite leaving the restaurant separately they sure as hell is staying at the same hotel and in the SAME ROOM!!!!! UH Uh UH!!
Hmmm I dont this is a good look for her at all I know here new album is Entitled " Good Girl Gone Bad" but shyt Omarion is not the way to Portray it.. Please wait till your West Indian Gets wind of this! Ha! They Gon' Cut yah Ass!

House of YUCK YUCK cuz it Sucks!!

If Remy Ma is rocking your clothing line, clearly it has gone to hell.... SMH!!!

Kicksclusive Magazine Issue 14 Release Party!!

Kicksclusive Magazine is having a release party for Issue 14 celebrating the Bobbito Garcia cover this Thursday, Bobitto will be there. The party is free all night for those on the guestlist, you must RSVP and if you’re not on the list its $5 at the door! DJ SOUL & DJ JEDI will be providing beats. Let me know if any of you guys are going! Event Date: Thursday, April 12, 2007 7-9pm RSVP: NOVO 290 Hudson St New York, NY 10013

NYC DunkXchange!

On Saturday, April 14th, Gary Hughes the founder and CEO of DunkXChange will be hosting an event for all you sneaker heads. It will take place at Club T on 240 W. 52nd St. from 1-5pm. $10.00 will cover your admission as well as the option to bring in up to 3 pairs of kicks for you to sell or trade. And you know the Female Sneaker Fiend crew will have their own table featuring customs from E the Custom Queen, and selling new FSF tees, and goodies from Carra. Peep the DunkXChange website for more details!

Sometimes I gotta Air Niggas Out!!

As you all know I was in the 'Cuse relaxing as well as there to showcase my clothing line in the Fashion show that happened this past thursday. I was having a ball and it was good to be back in the 'Cuse with my girls (above- l to r: Irene, Candice, Quana, and Domo... Pic 2- l to r Blean, Candice, Domo, Jennia) and everyone else there is sooo many I want to Mention! Thank you Jasmin and Trinace for being the first owners in the Cuse of KBR~! I want to thank everyone for showing me sooo muh love and support for what Im trying to do!! XOXOXO Seriously please continue to pray for me!
BUT!! there are those who just derseve to be aired out completely!! cuz they suck!
After the Fashion Show on Thursday my girles and I got dressed and headed to "Traffic Night Club" to chill and party before I headed out in the morning back to reality! I had a great night dancing with my girls and seeing peeps I haven't seen in a minute. JUST MAD LOVE!!
Just as the night was about to be over, as I was walking through the doors to go up the stairs and out the club. This Nigga Gilbo, Yes that's Brandon Gilbeaux grabbed my butt as I was walking out. I simply turned around and said "Don't touch my ass"in a bitch tone. WHY WHY WHY WHY! did this nigga yes I said it NIGGA!!! Why did this nigga Nick Chestnut feel the need to butt his nappy head ass in the situation I just ended. And I quote " Shut up and turn your bald headed ass around, you fucking scallywag"(which means slut or whore or hoe) is what he said to me. Now Ladies and Gentlemen was this totally necessary, this is how niggas get shot for being nosey!. I just came to have a good time and have a Lil fun before I go back to the real world, BUT! Nick seriouslyyou came out your face and so will I right now!Just cause you scored a Lil bit of touch downs and was on the front cover of some Syracuse newspapers doesn't make you the shyt...and where are you from Texas huh... come on... Truthfully you really aren't period.
I'm sorry to stoop down to your pitiful ass level... but I don't like getting disrespected not in the 'Cuse, not in NY, not anywhere. And don't think you getting a Lil bit of shine cuz I put you on my blog please.
People know me... Ur a nobody in the 'Cuse. Period I'm done.

Happy Easter!!!

Much Luv and God Bless to all!! Happy Easter and Enjoy Church! ill be there thanking god for his many blessing!! Pray for me!

Lemar & Dauley Spring 07

The new Lemar & Dauley Spring 2007 collection is arriving in stores In a market where most brands are inspired and influenced by the same or at least similar experiences, types of music, sports, it many times seems that themes and designs repeat themselves. Lemar & Dauley for sure also has these same experiences that they want to bring across with their collection, but for sure, their style looks nothing like any other brand. Through a special style of designing and their own signature color palette, Lemar & Dauley has created a very recognizable style, which is very refreshing. That is also no different in their Spring 2007 collection. Expect many more pieces, but here a first look at some tees of the new collection.


Bello the Clown, From the circus here in NYC at the Garden found his bike!! Hooray, I mean where else could you have put this little ass bike!

Dress Of the Week!

I absolutly love this dress. This is from Zac Poson's Spring 2007 Ready to Wear Line. With a sweethear neckline, this strapless number is perfect for a Wedding or a Garden party. The belt gives it an edgy lookand the hemline is really chic! I have to have to get this or get this dress made!

You Look a HOT MESS!!

For the Past Days I was chilling in the 'Cuse for the annual Fashion Conscince Fashion Show. I also put "Kissed By Rain" in the Show! It was a cool show till I saw this BULLSHYT!! Thank god it wasn't one of my friends rocking these FAKE ASS Louis Vuitton Boots then the Bag was right next to her! HAHAHA thank you Flo for this pic!

Aubrey Pregnant!!!! STOP THE MESS!!

I heard this rumor like last week but i didnt know if was true... Pics have been circulating all over the net this week of Aubrey and D-Woods of Danity Kane buying up home pregnancy tests.. Well she's not pregnant at all. She posted a message on her myspace page yesterday saying the rumors are out of control and th pics are edited. Clearly. She says she's not preggers or does she have a sexual relationship with Diddy.

New York Picks Tango... hmmm

YEs YEs yall this crackhead bitch New York picked Tango over Chance.... I dont know what to think of this honestly. BUT I DO know that My Boy Chance played the shyt outta her when she said im going to have to go wothTango. How this Bitch New York Said" Can I have some love Chance" and tries to kiss him. WHY!!!if you knew your man you just picked was standing right over there. I cant!! I think she knows deep down in her heart she really wanted Chance!! Then this Dude Tango went and ruined his life by Proposing to her!! I think he is on that same crack that New York's Mom is on! But here is Tango's Myspace page! which doesnt state on his profile he is in a relationship!!!!!

Leroy Jenkins X Royal Elastics!

I love these sneakers right here..... Im wearing my moms couch on my feet.. cuz shyt its like im jumping on the couch with out really doing it. But im sorry ladies no rocking it for the Spring/ Summer 2007 this shoe is appart of there Fall/Winter Collction.

Reebok Freestyles "Easter Eggs"

This year Reebok celebrates 25 anniversary of their iconic aerobic model The Freestyle. Get ready for collector models with flashy and fun prints. The "Easter Egg" specialy made to celebrate Easter, the "Reign -Bow" representing the rainbow colors.
Via Hypebeast

Halle Finally Gets Her STAR!!!

After Performing in many blockbuster movies such as "Boomrang" "Monster's Ball" and "Catwoman"this hot actress Halle Berry has beengiven a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I think she totally deserves it. Much Love Halle!Dang she definitely Makes kissing the ground look o so good! in a Dolce and Gabbana Dress!