Lauryn Hill Performs in Brooklyn!!!

Since I was on Vacay I was counting down the days till this Concert and I still Am! Monday August 6th this Songstress will be at Wingate Park in BK doing a Free YES FREE Summer Concert. The park is schedule to open at 7:00pm and she performs at 7:30pm but Like me im getting there really early! So Get the blankets and the Sandwichs Cause you don't wanna miss this!!! Hint: Fellas this is a GREAT GREAT DATE!!!!! its Free and all you have to pay for is Dinner b4 or after the date!

Free T-Shirt

Free T-Shirt with any Denim Purchase!!!
Free item must be $9.90 or less!! Soo Get your shyt early!
Offer Valid from July 27th to August 2nd!

Hip Hop Couture!

The Organization that NEVER sleeps presents......
*HIP HOP COUTURE*An exclusive night of well-developed talent and unique new designers that have worked hard in promoting and showcasing their recognizable talent.This event is raising awareness in order to stop... DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.
What is Hip Hop Couture?For years, Hip Hop’s innovative nature, has inspired people around the world to create music that both sends a message and showcases their talent. In the fashion world, Couture has prided itself on being unique & exclusive, always showcasing tasteful innovative pieces that focuses on the designers talent and presentation. Hip Hop Couture is a fusion of the Hip Hop Music with Couture’s High Fashion. It describes the confidence and creativity of a generation that wants to be both seen and heard. HHC describes how people use the hip hop music in their fashion to create their own understanding of unique style. It explains how a generation wants to not only get the attention of our society through style but also with a strong message. Hip Hop Couture is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle. It Goes Down this Saturday August 4th at the Unite Auditorium (31 West 15th St bet 5th and 6th) 6pm SHARP please! Will be a sold out event soo get them Tickets Early!!! By Calling Ashley 516-301-8849. (Advanced is $15.00 at the Door is $20.00) See you there!!
PINK POSITIVE NY Click here fore more info!

Round Necks are sooo Wack Guys!

I have noticed since I got back the fellas are killing the V- Neck game right now. It looks sooo good with a crisp pair of jeans and Kicks. This is definitely a good and Look soo Take note is you missed the MEMO!

Honey Im HOME!!!!

Im BACCCKKKKKKKK!!! and I am Ready to have some fuN! St. Vincent Was GREAT!!!!!! Sweet T&T I love ya!! but my home is the NYC!

Pharell's New Girl!

Her name is Alesha Dixon and they met a couple years ago when he asked her to be in his "She Likes To Move" video when he saw her on the cover of FHM. Apparently she just divorced MC Harvy after she caught him cheating. And now...she's making her ex super jealous. Especially since Skateboard P gives her keys to the $1 million Bugatti...with drive. via ybf

Ci Ci is the new face for Roca Wear hhhmmmmm

I love this chica but she looks soo young in this ad... I don't like it No one under 18 should be rocking this line!!!

Fashion is just at their Finger tips!

The Simmons Fam hosted a Tea Party to Introduce the Ming and Aoki Signature Collection for Spring 2008. I actually really can't wait to see what this look like my lovely little niece would look cute in some of there pieces I think. As Long as it doesnt have their logo all over their Line. HINT HINT KIMORA!!

SMH Big Time this Dude is a friggin Mess!

Soled Out Is BAAACCCKKKK!!!!

Bye ByE!!

I'm outta NYC- Brooklyn to Be Exact... for 3 weeks as I breathe in the Fresh Air in the West Indies (St Vincent and Trinidad) Im gone from July5th to the 26th See you Later!! bE Safe its a Crazy World out there! Rain xxoxox


I thought she was trying to leave her past behind her.... hmmmm

Christina A. is Preggers!

I told you all weeks ago that Christina Aguillera was pregnant. She and her husband are happy ass hell and if you view recent pictures of X-tina. She’s starting to show! For more information on her pregnancy..- CLICK HERE.

I love this tee!!

Available at Small World 1402 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226

O hell to the NO!

There are tons of rumors in Los Angeles that Megan Good is slated to release a album? I saw this coming sooner or later. WHY WHY WHY!!!

How to REALLY buy a watch and it aint about the diamonds!

Five watch terms that will make you sound like an industry pro 1. Complication Any function of a watch that goes beyond simple timekeeping. Could be an annual or lunar calendar, could be something as basic as a stopwatch. 2. Movement All those bits and pieces inside that run the thing. 3. Quartz A movement powered by a battery and regulated by the oscillations of a quartz crystal. It’s way more accurate than other watch types—which isn’t to say we necessarily recommend you buy one.
4. Self-winding A type of mechanical watch, containing a rotor on a pivot, that’s wound by the day-to-day movements of the wearer’s wrist. It’s also referred to as automatic. 5. Water-resistant Just because a watch says it’s water-resistant doesn’t mean you should swim or shower with it on. To be safe, only do so if it’s water-resistant up to one hundred meters.

Fellas Im going to dress you... Seriously

For the Past couple of parties I've been too the guys I have noticed are dress well eeeehhh not there age, but Don't get my wrong I will pick a Lemar & Dauley and some kicks any day but there is a time and place for everything ESPECIALLY on dates with the Ladies. You can dress up jeans and still feel comfy and here are a couple of looks and tips to give you some ideas. To make jeans date worthy, wear them with traditional button-down shirts in conservative solid colors, checks, or pinstripes. Save brightly patterned shirts, which emphasize denim’s casual aesthetic. And always, always tuck your shirt in and secure the jeans with a belt. The surest way to give denim an elegant cast is to trade the sneakers for lace-ups. Pair jeans with a slightly looser cut (ones that aren’t skin-tight in the thighs) with noticeable shoes like patent-leather wing tips; understated black oxfords look best with slimmer styles. And if you want to wear light-colored bucks, stick with inky denim.

Solange Turns 21!!

I hated the dress but I heard the party was really really good. Jigga and Swizz was there and Lupe Performed. Kelly and B was in the Building too.

Saaphyri Wins!

I honestly prayed that she won cause throughout the entire show she really and truely seemed like she really needed the money! My Heart and prays go out to you! Congrats!