Cheri Dennis New Video

SALE is my Favorite 4 letter word!

So I eat here every freaking week!

CAFETASIA!!!!! Located on West 8th in Soho it has become my home from my kitchen!! The Thai food here has me and all of my homies coming back for more! And by God its CHEAP! There prices go no more than $10 bucks seriously!
38 E 8th St
New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) 529-2363

Looking for a Fashion Internship!!!

As I was looking for a Fashion Internship for the New Year! I came across another Blog! full of FREE FASHION INTERNSHIP!!! YES FREE FASHION INTERNSHIPS! these are unpaid but some are for a College Credit or 50% on the merchandise in the Showroom! If you are a Tru Fashionista and are really trying to get your feet Wet in the Game! Don't go here if you are playing the fool and have no interest! Ya dig! From Interships at Magazines to PR houses to Showrooms! Check it out!!!

Keepin Warm!

As the temperature begins to drop, I will drop some hints to staying warm! The Gap has loomed up the cutest sweaters around! Im in love with this striped number The Crazy stripe V-neck sweater is $49.50 and is made of 100% lambs wool. Very Chic Very Warm!

I love me some SUPRAS!!!

The debut of the Supra Muska Skytop was an instant hit among many with a certain gold/silver colorway becoming a classic in the eyes of many. Supra will release a similar model of their popular OG with a pure metallic gold upper with perforated leather. Not many stores in the US will stock these limited edition Skytops. Turf release their shipment on November 27th at 12:00 pm. via Rockstar

Lil Wayne Covers Complex!

Interesting cover I think but he looks indeed crazy!

INTERNSHIP!!!! is looking for a qualified individual in the NYC area. The intern will assist in updating and creating new content for, including writing and researching articles, proofreading, photo research and other editorial tasks. *You must be interest in urban street culture, sneaker culture, design and shops/boutiques in NY and tri-state area. Skills requires: * Excellent oral and written communication skills * Completed at least one year of college * Must have an interest in journalism, writing and/or internet media * Strong computer skills, particularly Microsoft Word and Excel * Strong attention to detail * Ability to multi-task * Data entry skills * Editing experience and familiarity with MACs * Strong written and verbal communication skills * Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment * Excellent time management skills and the ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines * Ability to commit to 20 hours per week. ================================================== A Plus ++++ (Good to know): Fluent in Japanese Basic HTML Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator ================================================== Our internships are unpaid. We offer a weekly stipend and we will be happy to assist you in earning academic credit. ================================================== Please e-mail your résumé, cover letter, and writing samples if you have to:crew [at] (In E-mail subject line type: FRESHNESS INTERNSHIP: your name here)

BBC + Ice Cream Store in NY

Last evening marked the official opening celebration of the 3rd Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream flagship here in New York City. Friends, families, and well-wishers jam packed the store on West Broadway in SoHo, as Nigo and Pharrell greeted fans inside & outside of the store. Designed by Wonderwall of Japan, the store will hold the complete collection of BBC and Ice Cream apparel & footwear. The store will be open 7 days a week, a great destination for the holiday shopping season. Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream New York 456 West Broadway Map New York, NY 10012 via Freshnessmag

MOTY: Smooth Operators!

Rihanna and Robin Thicke have Killed the charts this Year and GQ has voted them in a as Smooth Operators!
Check out this hot Hot Hot ass pics! Make you Wonder where the hell is Robin Thicke's Wifey!
I love it!!!!! SO Fab Rih Rih! Love the nail polish hmmmmm

Tracy Morgan gives Birth on Live TV!!!

This shyt is wild Funny!!!!!

Man of the Year! O yea!

Nice. And speaking of Kanye, here’s some video of him speaking about the death of his mother for the first time at his concert in Brussels Sunday night:

House Of Hoops!

Nike opened their newest concept store yesterday in collaboration with Foot Locker called House of Hoops. This new space captures all the essence of the game and even has a hardwood basketball half-court with backboard. All things Nike Basketball can be purchased here, this included Nike Basketball, Air Jordan, Converse and Sport Culture products. For the hardcore collector, every three weeks, House of Hoops exclusive limited edition products will be available for purchase. For the opening, 108 pairs of the Zoom LeBron V China Edition were available to consumers, this is the only place in the United States where they are available. The three High School colorways of the LeBron Zoom Solider, SVSM, Fairfax and Christ the King, were also available exclusively at the House of Hoops. A more detailed report on the exclusive shoes to come… House of Hoops 268 West 125th Street Map (btwn Adam Clyton Powell and Frederick Douglas Blvd.)New York, NY 10027
VIA Freshness mag

Quote of the Day!

"Dress like your Coming from Somewhere, and You've got some place to go" I couldn't Agree anymore Spoken by a true Fashion God Kanye West!

MOB!! New SHyt!

After featuring Fafi for their fall campaign, Married to the MOB has tapped legendary B-Girl, Mega of Rocksteady Crew for their holiday season. This holiday MOB brought back the “Ain’t Shit” tee due to popular demand and their favorite “NEW YORK NEEDS PETER GATIEN” tee, not to mention the really cute MOBlicious hoodies and tees. You can cop the new gear at

Remy Ma what happened!?

Im going to let you the reader decide what happened here! Comment me on your guesses!

We getting Turkey Liquior Tomorrow!!!!

Tomorrow night we are not playing! Come out and get wet at the MIXX Lounge! I know many of you are returning home and want to party as soon as you wanna get here! Come out! and party with Me and Dipsy! This is a grown and Sexy Event! Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 5:00pm - whenever! Mixx Lounge 84 7th Avenue South New York, NY (Between Bleeker and Grove) If you been to Mixx Lounge before for my other parties you already know what goes down!However for those who haven't been to Mixx,Drink Specials from 6pm - 8pm (2 for 1 Martini's)Great food, my favorite is the 'Cuban Pressed Burger' and platter of mozerella sticks, wings, and chicken tenders .PRE ORDER BOTTLE SPECIAL FOR MY PARTY IS 80 DOLLARS FOR MOET AND VUEVE CLIQUOT.... AND 200 FOR GREY GOOSE 1 train to Christopher Street and its a block away... Across the street from Sushi Samba (some big sushi place thats all orange) oh and its across from Caliente Mexican Restaurant too.21+ (if you are under 21 please let me know before hand) If you are not 21 you can still come its 18 to get in 21 to drink! If you want to know more just write on the wall and I will answer all of your questions and concerns.

Im praying for you Kanye!

Yesterday my Great Aunt Passed yesterday of Lung Cancer in the hospital, I wasn't there but my mom told me she went with god and died peacefully. I may not know exactly what Kanye Feels but I can relate...
While at a performance in France as he was getting ready to perform "Hey mama" he couldn't take it anymore and broke down on stage. he left the stage for 15 mins and then came back to Perform "Stronger" We are praying for you. Many recipients of awards at the AMAs put Kanye in their speech sending their prayers to him also.

Dresses, Suits and the AMA!! who really Did it up!

It may have been AMA nihgt but seriously it was all about Alicia... Miss Keys if your Nasty!She arrived in a Sparkly Armani dress! If you missed her performance here it is too As far as hair! I loved Rihanna's kinda tight curls! gives me an idea for tomorrow, for what to do with my hair! And as far as the boys I loved Chris's Look it was chic but not over done

Who is Mickey Factz?

After tons missed emails,interviews missed and missed phone calls. I got to sit down with one of the Sexiest men in GFC (Kwazz, Mickey, Nakim are my top 3, but remember this is my opinion) to talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Read along and get to Know Mickey Factz as he tells you about his life and how dreams are real, Konichiwa Bitches!!!!! Rain-What is your background? Who are you? Mickey Factz- Well, I'm Mickey Factz and my band members make up G.F.C.Which is my team of friends/family. They are helping me to succeed in this business. We have Saint my manager, Steve-O my A&R, Precize my Producer, Lakita my Personal Assistant, Kwazz my Stylist, Whytebone my Engineer and Nakim the Next Best Thing. Together we make G.F.C. I'm the voice and face of our brand. Rain-Why do you want to record and release your own music?
Mickey Factz-I have a natural love for music. This is my job. Who do you know works for free? I can't name one person who works for free and enjoys it. Even people who intern wanna get paid eventually and those who volunteer, most times have a job. I'm talented at crafting lyrics and I feel I should be paid to do so. As well as entertain.
Rain- Who are your fans? Mickey Factz-Those who enjoy quality music. I take time in creating the perfect scenario over a beat. I've released 5 mixtapes to date. I have yet to receive lop-sided reviews. I put my all into making the best possible music I can make. The fans and customers are those who appreciate what their money is worth.
Rain-What are your songs about? What specific themes do they cover? Mickey-I try to cover every topic that comes to my mind. Alot of songs the people hear is about fashion and bragging. I get flack for it alot. But it's like, other rappers gloat about crime, pimping, and everything else negative under the sun. If I wanna be conceited a lil bit, I feel I can. Especially when I do it with skill.
Rain-Do you write your own songs? What is the songwriting process? Mickey-Of course I write my own songs. Lol. Sometimes somebody might inspire me by giving an idea and then I take and expand. But as far as lyrics, thats all me. What I like to do, is take a beat and become one with it for about 3 to 4 days. Then it just starts flowing because its been with me for so long. I'm not someone who likes to rush at all.
Rain-Who are your musical influences? Mickey-I grew up mimicking Michael Jackson. Every kid did. I also loved Big Daddy Kane. The dance moves he did were amazing. As I got older the range varied from Run DMC to Aerosmith to Stevie Wonder to Kid N Play to all Gospel. I dip and dab in all of it.
Rain-How do you describe your music to people? Mickey-I describe it as the resurrection of Hip Hop. The reason to want to listen and rewind music again. It's more than great layers of music. It's a combination of voice, lyrics, music, swag and delivery. I possess all of that. I like to to call it perfection.
Rain-What image do you think your music conveys? Mickey-It definitely displays dominance and sometimes it displays exclusiveness. When you see me, I'm in something exclusive and that portrays dominance thru leadership.
Rain-What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.) Mickey-Releasing an album and making sure GFCsounds is lifted off of the ground spear headed by me and Saint. Being successful and continuing to create great music.
Rain-What are your long-term career goals? Mickey-Long term goals are for me and my team to be well off. As well as my family. I wanna do about 3 albums and then venture into owning businesses.
Rain-How would you define the word "success"? Mickey-Success is when you look back over your life and see what you've become and your satisfied by it. In terms of yourself. When other people view you as successful that all depends on how each person views success. Me personally, I wanna be on a stamp. I wanna do shows at the Olympics. I wanna meet ambassadors. That's being successful. When the world knows who you are. Not just New York.
Rain-Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? Why? Mickey-I want my record to be released by a Major Label. I know the stories of not making enough money and all that. I still want to be seen by the american people. I'm not at all concerned about being uber rich. As long as I'm comfortable.
Rain-What live performance experience have you had? Any industry showcases? Mickey-Industry showcases aren't for me. What does that do for you? Honestly. If I have to pay to perform somewhere, It wasn't meant for me to be there. I've performed in every borough so far. I just came from china. I will never do an industry showcase unless I'm getting paid or I'm the feature artist.
Rain-How do you rate your live performance ability? Mickey-I would have to say I rate it a 7.5 I give a GREAT show. However there is sooooooooo much more than can be done in a show. It's about keeping the crowd entertained. I'm learning that day by day. I wanna add dance routines, lights, smoke, jokes, crowd participation. I wanna do it all. My energy and ability to control the crowd is down pat. It's all about the entertainment factor now with me.
Rain-Have you recorded any previous CDs/Tapes? Which studios? Who produced it? Mickey-I've recorded in so many spots. I've released 5 cd's. Bottles up!, Kings Of The Bronx, In Search Of The N.E.R.D., Flashback Vol. 1, Heavens Fallout. The bulk of my material was recorded at Whytebone Studio's. Sounds better than most records out there.
Rain-Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposure or reviews? Mickey-Yes I have. I was on Sirius Satellite Radio, Frank 151, Fader Japan, Trace Mag,, Countless blogs, , sooooo many others. Too much to name. Who handles your daily business activities? (Bookings, promotions etc.) Me and Saint handle most of my business from day to day. Lakita my P.A. keeps a daily calendar of my activities.
Rain-Do you believe that music, as an art form, has a power to change or influence the world, whether for better or worse? Mickey-Music is the quintessential movement for most people in the world. So I would have to say yes, its for the better and for the worse. In both ways. You have songs like We Are The World, then you have songs by Marylin Manson. They effect people in different ways.
Rain-How do you feel about the current balance between positive, progressive hip-hop and the more mainstream sound? Mickey-I feel everybody has their sound. Whatever works for you, run with it. I have no opinion in it because I'm trying to create my own sound for the masses.
Rain-How has the hip-hop game changed most in the past years? What do you think of the current state of the genre? I think evolution is happening to Hip Hop all the time. At this point the South has the game on smash and their churning out one hit wonders. But I feel this is their time to shine. Let them do them. It won't last for long. No dynasty in no genre of business ever holds a strong hold of power for too long. So I'm not worried. Just waiting for the next shift in music.
How do you plan to distance himself from other new rappers? I'm already in a distance when it comes to new rappers. They are all talking about the same idiocy. While I show progression in fashion and music. So I ain't worried a tad bit who's new or who's old.
What type of style of rap would you most likely fit?(backpack rapper, gangsta/hood, etc.) My style has yet to be defined. And honestly I can't be classified as of yet. So this question is irrelevant to me and my movement.
What rapper would u most compare ur style to? My reflection and shadow. I draw inspirations from everybody. You can hear a lil of everybody in my music. And honestly there's nothing wrong with that. We all draw inspirations from somebody. It's just sad when you try to create something out of that, your just 'biting'. Was Michael Jackson biting Jackie Wilson and James Brown? No he was merely paying tribute and trying to solidify his position as a great entertainer.
How does you feel about older rappers trying to come back out?(EPMD,Keith Murray,Bone Thugs,KRS One and Marley Marl) I like shit like that. We are the only genre that doesn't accept our founding fathers. Hopefully Jay can change that around.
How do you feel about newer MCs and southern dudes?(Lupe, Hurricane Chris, Plies, Rich Boy) Everybody has their chance to shine. I hope they can stay afloat when I enter the game.
How do you feel about battle rappers and would you ever do the SMACK type thing? I love battle rappers. Its exhilarating watching that kind of exhibition. I wouldn't do that kind of thing. I could, but I won't. It's a great thing to see however.
Who would you want to do a song with in the industry? Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. Thats all. If your from overseas get at me
Rain-I heard that there is a beef between you and Kanye West Whats all that about?There is no beef with Kanye and I. Beef is when you see somebody you wanna hurt em. When I see Kanye again, its all love. Some slang was taken from me. That doesn't constitute as beef. He came to one of our parties, I went to his bday party...walked the red carpet and all that, went to his video premier. So its not beef.

Rain-What is the Difference between "Bottles up" "Kings of the Bronx" and the New Mixtape " Heavens Fallout"? That's just simple progression. Bottles up was reckless music. No direction, no sound. Plus I had a different name at that time. Kings of the Bx was the 1st mickey factz mixtape. I did it with j'von bishop. Frankly, I think lyrically and sonically heavens fallout is in a league of their own.

Rain- On the Track " BedTime Story" off of the last mixtape you talk about 19 years olds having clothing lines, Where do think Fashion is today because of these Lames? I didn't say just 19 year olds. I was speaking on people in general doing themselves a disservice by doing something they're not. I have nothing against a tee-shirt line. But don't call it a clothing line. As far as fashion goes, its time to let go of the 80's. Like seriously when we get older are our children gonna say wow our parents did the same thing the 80's did. Or are we gonna start our own shit. Come on man.

Rain-What Clothing Lines do you support? Which ones do you rock? At the moment I'm on some other shit because people see what I wear and try to flow with it. So now its rocksmith, supra sneakers, cockpit, 13 month denim, penfield, y-3, yoko devearax. Watch late next year everybody start rocking these lines. Any money bet. Rocksmith and y3 been doing it. But watch the others pop.

Rain-Speaking of the Girls... (this is all one question) I love how u never forget the ladies.... "Take it Off", " The way she dances", " Stay together", and my Favorite " You Remind me".....Are you Single??? I'm married to music. I can never forget the ladies tho, I have to show love to them on every release of mine because its life. Men and women co-exist why not talk about it in music. Aint like we aint all go thru it.

Rain-What do you look for in your Juanita Applebottem? An applebottom, intelligence and class. Point blank

Mickey is Definitely a Character and chill person xoxo! Continue to support him and GFC! Check out some more of his music out on his myspace page and don't forget to download the new MixTape "Heaven's Fallout" @

Sex Pistol of the day!! 11/15/07

Name: Rosa Age: None of ur Bee's wax... J/K 21 Where u reppin? The residential area of Brooklyn Why are you a Sex Pistol? I have a beautiful smile, a crazy laugh, and my cuzin is Rain PS If she didn't put me up here I would never talk to her again! Who is your Style Icon? Beyonce and Elenor Roosevelt Clinton or Obama? Clinton... Women Rock! Sneakers or Heels? Heels Duhh what kinda question is that Cocktail or Coffee? Cocktail... Malibu Bay Breeze Actress you would want to play you in a Movie? Janet Jackson Ultimate Party Guests? Rain!!! ,My Crazy Cuzin from panama, and Diddy Final Words... Everything happens for a reason and I control the Room I enter


Wake Up Wake up!!! Here is Kanye's Good Morning! Kinda boot legged but its all Good Good Morning!

And Just Cuz Im Maddd late!

Lupe's SuperStar Jay-Z Roc Boyz

New Ish!

My Sweetie Steph of Soul Star Universe has released the new "Lurch" sweatshirts and they are glow in the dark . They are $130 because my man has to get that cake and cuz they are limited edition!

Krew Clothing lookbook for 08 Preview!

My homie P Dizzy who also modeled for my Line in 07 is Down with Fly Society who sent me over these Pics from the clothing line shoot in LA. I will sit down with Terry Kennedy in a couple of days to discuss the line upon other things!!!

Miss Keys Is back with her second Single Video!!

Alicia Keys Second Single!

Nine-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys returns with her long-awaited third studio album, As I Am, set for a worldwide release on November 13 on J Records. Go Get that! Within 10 hours of being serviced to radio, Alicia first single, “No One,” became one of the fastest moving and highest charting single on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. This also marks the highest first single debut for a female artist in 2007 on the R&B Monitor’s Urban Mainstream chart! LISTEN: Alicia Keys - Like You’ll Never See Me Again


So Im at home chillin today cuz I aint got no class
But trust I got a paper to write thats due today and I got work at 5pm!!!! hmmmm I really dont feel like going dead ass
I got that Joss stone on Repeat and Im still stilling in my plaid PJs and Tee from Barbados...
I Still gotta brush up my interview with Mickey Factz and call Marc Jacobs about my internship too
Mad shyt and no time!!! Grrrrr
Random thoughts include
-I wanna chop my hair off again and start over
-I gotta find a graphic designer
-I gotta set my interviews for the next 2 weeks a
-and of course why do the guys I love gotta be on my shyt list!!!

Rihanna Covers 17!

The covers look great! Tanned skin and nail polish that screams hot!!.... What I have nothing Bad to say today!!!.... LMAo

Quote of the Day!

For Some reason this week I really can't get this Love thing right... and while I was listening to Joss Stone's new single " Bruised but not Broken" it really made me feel soo Much better " And Ill be alright and I'll love again and the wounds will mend, I'm bruised but not broken and the pain will fade, Ill get back on my feet Its not the end of me My heart is still open now bruised but not Broken" Go Download that she is speaking the truth Trust me!

Upgrade you!!!!

Lil Mama!! Lookes great going to "This Christmas" movie premiere. She Looks great with not that much Lipgloss on and a hint of blush! Yes JIVE has invested in a stylist for this Child!!!!!

Fashion News: Jay-Z Buys Artful Doger???

Artful Dodger has been in and around the streetwear market for quite some time and we’ve reported on a few collaborations they’ve done including the ILoveDust collaboration. It’s interesting to hear about this today, this morning Scion, LLC, a joint venture between Iconix Brand Group, Inc. and Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter announced that they brought Artful Dodger from Scott Langton, the brands founder and head designer. The purchase price, a cool $15 million, in cash. Scott will stay on to continue to form the company. For all you aspiring streetwear designers out there: Work harder!

Swagger's First Girls Line!!!

SWAGGER debuts its first women’s collection, the Spring 2008 SWAGGER LADIES line will take Swagger’s unique approach to fashion art a step further. Swagger marries the progressive, urban lifestyle that is New York and remixes it with traditional Japanese attention to detail and quality. Inspired by two world cities, Tokyo and New York, and by classic, throwback, hip-hop culture, skaters, graffiti artists and painters, Swagger’s designers Big-O and Iggy launched theinfluential label in 1999. SWAGGER Ladies is more than b-boy street gear with a closer cut. The designers took almost a decade to get SWAGGER Ladies right. “We are inspired by women who have their own swagger, who are fearless when it comes to fashion,” explains Big-O and Iggy. The Spring 2008 SWAGGER Ladies debut collection uses fresh, young colors for signature tees, tunics, tanks and fitted sweatshirts. The Suka-Jan is a reversible players jacket that delivers maximum style. Available in red, black and purple and satin on both sides, the red flips to silver, the black to green and the purple to gold. > SWAGGER

Tonight on Girlfriends!!!!!

Erykah Badu is back!!!! Im soo Hype yall Seriously!!! and tonight she is on Girlfriends! Be sure to tune in to CW11 as she wil perform he new single! Love it!!!

Dr. West Passes...

Reports have been pouring in since this morning stating that Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, has died. News sources and sources close to the family state that due to complications during cosmetic surgery, Donda West passed away last night. Chicago’s #1 hip hop station WGCI in Chicago, IL first reported the news today with no details. But Tonight I found out it was true as Rhymefest, Kanye's Good friend called in to Hot 97 and revealed it to be true. Im am Terriblely sorry to hear this sad news but my prays go out to Kanye and his Family. xoxoxo

Rihanna looks soo Funny Drunk!!!

Here is Rih Rihh rocking out at a live Radio station looking rather cute. Then her she is SHYT faced drunk in Barbados TOOOO Funny! Good Girl Gone bad.. wait a min!!!!! I thought you were too Young to drink!! HMMMMMM