Nail color of the week!

Thanks god for bringing the sun back out! On my nails we have a cute
certainly cherry by Sally Hansen and Bizerk turq by the Color Club. PS
bright colors always rule!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Love Love it!!

The latest from the TI$A Krew comes in the form of a four ringer love ring seen usually rocked by producer/designer Taz Arnold. With the word love stamped across the front,They are currently available in 6 different colors and can be bought now at Choiceisyours.

Open up again!!!

Its been a while

Its been awhile since I bust Rihanna's chops for something but Today im not going to go that route. Love love the shoes and the skrt reminds me of a skrt i had in Kindergarden. Very chic very cute! Go Rih Rih!

This is some nasty shyt!!!

I could go racist with this post but Ill be nice with my words!!! Number 1 this bitch is nasty, 2 this is gonna make me throw up!!! You can't bring this chick no where!! Diddy come get your sly!

You can have whatever you like!

Reagan Gomez is covering the pages of the November issue of KING. It’s their Election issue with T.I. as the Guest Editor (Reagan was also his co-star in his “Whatever You Like” vid) and chick is looking fabulous. “The Parent Hood” and Trois 3 star also just had a baby with her husband a year and a half ago. Damn her for looking this hot so soon post-baby. Stolen from

Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior Spring 2009

OOOOOOOO Gotta love the colors!

Shyt Gossip Girl's episode last night made me lose it!

When I saw Blair's mother's Collection go down the runway on last night episode for Fashion week, I lost my mind when I saw this dress!!!!!! In real life this line is actually Abigail Lorick's Spring 2009 collection. She previewed this collection a couple of weeks ago and now the whole world got to see it! Im excited for her!!!! CONGRATS!

The Latest Spa Craze: Snake Massages

At a spa–carnivorous plant farm in northern Israel, you can get a snake massage for just $80. Spa mistress Ada Barak came up with the idea after visitors who came to scope out her carnivorous plants (which eat schnitzel, among other things) enjoyed the sensation of holding the garden snakes she'd pass around after the tour. For the snake massage, she basically plops a mass of entwined snakes of various sizes on your stomach and lets them slither all over you. This is supposed to have "calming and curative effects." Nah man not I! I have a huge fear of snakes and Im not the one!!! Would you do this!??

Obama is the Man!!

Janelle Monae " Many Moons"

This is my freaking song!!! She is the shyt watch her blow up Bad Boy!!!

Santogold covers MISSBEHAVE!!!

Pussy PT 5

Be Bold, Be Daring Be Blond??

I got extra extra bored today and I dyed my hair blond... its like a
honey blond and it looks dope. Be bold for fall and be daring!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Are they coming back???

Remember in grade school if you had a pair of Clarks you were hot shyt,
they were too expensive for my mom so I didn't have the black suede
ones. It seems time is bringing back this old school classic with a more
updated look to keep up with the new school trends. But just like when
they first came out how long will this trend last? Will you be picking
up a pair of these!? Lemme know how you feel?
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Benjamin Bixby

Finally some freaking pics from Andre 3000's clothing line! Fresh shyt! Can't wait till it hits Barneys NY and Harrod's England this fall!

Y-3 bring black back!!

New Y-3 Goodies!!!! Im excited!
I know my brother Chucky is losing it!

I still don't Know what to call this!

Notorious Trailer!

And the question on everyone's mind is Can Gravey Do it? Shyt I will riot if this movie is bad!!!

Obama Stands out in the Crowd

Pharrell’s t-shirt which was designed for the Obama campaign is now available on the official Barack Obama web site along with other items created by designers such as: Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Diane von Furstenberg.

I love the New Microsoft Commercial.. I am a PC

Sean Connery Might Be the Next Face of Louis Vuitton

Sean Connery might be the next face of Louis Vuitton's "core values" ad campaign. Supposedly Annie Leibovitz shot him. For all that know me like the back of their hand I have an old man crush on this guy since like forever!! Its his accent I swear or maybe his charm, I don't know but he is hot!

"Yes we Can" Mixtape!

Get It-Promised Land

Ne-yo Ft Jamie Foxx and Fab " She got her own"

Dope Video with Independent Women such as Teyana Taylor. Jill Marie Jones, Eve, Keyshia Cole, and Estelle

Nail color for the moment!

As the weather starts to shift to cold and frigid air I must change my
nail color to fit the conditions. The color of the day is Dark purple, I
called it Evil Purple!! (Evil laugh) its like black and a tint of
purple. Very sexy very dark!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Kissed by Rain is dropping tees

Today @ 334pm Kissed by Rain made serious moves to whip out their first
tee! With Lawrence from TLS being the big brother he made is happen.
October 1st is the big day and we hoping to do a shoot the next day!
God is good!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

This Is soo True! Racism is Real!

Kissed By Rain is selling everything and the kitchen Sink!

Yes I decided to sell everything and the Kitchen sink. I gotta make space for Spring 09!!! So this is the First Piece that gott go! $100.00 bucks! Hit up for more info on purchasing!

Its time to get Kissed!


Who do you think won this Catwalk battle between Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Chanel Iman??? I'm sorry but Old school seems to be ruling in this pics, but I'm Team Chanel Iman all the way!

Diddy is dumb funny!

Number 1: who eats fruit loops with orange juice Number 2: Diddy you are not allowed to do this dance outside!!!! Number 3: Only Diddy can do this things he does lmao!

Who is Pierre Hardy!?

Pierre Hardy Shoes began his career with Christian Dior's shoe collection in 1988. Pierre Hardy Shoes was recognized for his achievements and soon was collaborating with Vogue Homme International magazine where he was in charge of the show page, editing and illustration. Since the 1990's, Pierre Hardy Shoes has been very busy with different projects. Pierre Hardy Shoes has been designing the men's and women's shoes collection for Hermes, handing the Art Director of Sequoia, and becoming the professor at the "Ecole Superieur des Arts Appliques". Pierre Hardy also worked as the art director for the "Young Designers International Festival in Hyeres" from 1992 to 1997. Pierre Hardy Shoes launched his successful, self-titled collection in the summer of 1999 and began his first collection for men in 2001. He then became the creative director for Hermes Jewelry and also designs the shoe collection for Balenciaga. Recently, Nicole Kidman chose his sandals for the Screen Actors Guild Awards and requested custom-made sandals for the Academy Awards ceremony. In October of 2003, the first Pierre Hardy store opened in Paris.

"Addicted" Part 2

Q tip " Getting Up"

Fuck a shark!

Buy Akstar Now!!! Shipping everywhere including the moon!!! lolz Purchase @

BBC new bag!!!

Billionaire Boys Club New Diamonds & Dollars Duffel Bag and it comes in red and black! I love it!!!

Black Girls will always rule!!!

I can't wait for Mag Cover!

Free Stuff!!!!

Congrats to Annie!!

Dave's Quality Meat Party this Saturday!


I dont even know what to call this!

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is covering the new issue of Complex magazine and she’s talking some crazy shyt about Danity Kane and Diddy!