Fashion tat 1st of the month!

While chilling in downtown bk, I stopped by the Paper Doll Boutique
(Bond st bet. Atlantic and Pacific) to see my girl Vicky and clearly
noticed her new tat! Its not done but the outlining is sooo dope! I am
considering getting a tat in the same place! Vicky u are one stylish
chica! Xoxo

What the hell!

Ok this election is getting outta hand! And the tabloids are getting in
on the fun. I don't understand this shyt. Hillary gay, Obama cheating on
his wife! This shyt is crazy!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Kicking trash bags means I had a bad night!

So sunday was suppose to be Kissed By Rain's spring Summer release Party
but no 1 showed up. Except my loves! Im not gonna shout anyone out but
thank you for showing support. And for those who said they were going to
come but couldn't make it yall are lucky it wasn't my birthday because I
would have be on the floor crying! Lol

Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Family means the world to me!

Meet my beautiful niece and nephew Alexander and Cleopatra I love these
2 to death and I if I I could I would spoil the shyt outta them. Their
mom is like my mom! And I love her to death... keep family close trust
me you never know when you will need to call on them!

Mickey Factz The Leak Vol. 1- The Understanding

Electric Punnany!!

New Video: Mickey Factz ft. Cool Kids

Is Here Yes Yes Yall! Mickey Is definitely gonna do it this year!

I had nothing to do with this!!!

Alot of people are asking me why did I put Miss New York USA 2008 Danielle Roundtree in this outfit! To set the record Straight I had no idea that she was wearing this dress and I also had no idea the event was this past week I thought it was this week coming.... i know it sound like an excuse but Im just setting the record straight!

Solange is still singing!??

Her album SoL-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams has an official release date of August 26th. She enlisted Cee-Lo, Pharrell, Marsha Ambrosius, Rapheal Saadiq, and folks to co-write and lend vocals to her tracks. The lead single “I Decided” just had the video shot for it. Cute Promo pics.

Estelle's New Album "SHINE"

It was already released in the U.K but I got it for all my Estelle Fans like me! I love it, its dope!!

Seeing Stars!!!

Seems like the fourth of July already with so many stars in one post doesn’t it? Well that was the goal of designers for Spring 2008, making a huge trend of star patterns and prints. It was especially seen all over Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion shows. Actress Zoe Saldana even stepped out with the trend, wearing a cute YSL dress with the collar adorned in colorful stars.

Ne-Yo's "Closer" & Rihanna's " Take a Bow"

Brand new video from Ne-Yo for his song Closer. His upcoming album, YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN, is set to arrive in stores June 24th. I liked the video though. Rihanna has released her latest video for the Take A Bow single from her new CD Good Girl Gone Bad Re-release. The CD will hit stores May 27 featuring remixes of her platinum selling album.

This shyt is wack!

Also while on 42nd st. Me and the homies went into Virgin Megastore
because there really isn't anything to do on 42nd. With all the Biggie
hype surrounding the movie on Biggie's life there are a whole lot of tee
shirts and Biggie... TOYS... hmmm I was pretty upset when I saw this
toy. First Big wasn't that big seriously they ODed, he isn't that skin
complexion and his hands are freakishly large! Brooklyn please be upset
with me. Smh big time!

Look who I found

I can't tell you the last time I chilled on 42nd st. But last night was
one of those rare occasions. While trying to get back to flatbush I
happen to run into this dude... DJ Khaled. All laided back on 40-deuce
chilling in front of the Olive Garden mad random. Nice guy though and he
liked my shoes! :)

Nail color for right now

Neon yellow is the color for now.... I was feeling very rihanna today..
Sue me the bitch is hot!

Fat asses!

After the nail salon my sister and I decided to get Mcdonalds. And
clearly we decided to get everything on the dollar menu! We are such fat
asses heheh...

Get to Know My Mentor O'Neal Mcknight!

This is his Stylist Reel and Now he is my mentor XOXO ONEAL!


When I get married I wanna be just Like Iman and David! they are the prime example of what marriage should be!

Zoe Kravitz is the shyt!!

While Attending the Film Festival here in NYC, Zoe looked very cute in this Off white number with a Chanel purse.

First Look: Kissed By Rain Spring Summer 08 Shoot

Hot Photos!!!! Wait till you see the end product!!!

Alicia Keys _ Teenage Love affair!

So Cute with a School Daze Flow! Great Fashion In the Video!

Look Who I found!

Its Amerie Still doing Promo shots for her album that they just keep pushing back. :( Don't worry Amerie your turn will soon come!

I can't Hate on Rih Rih Today!

Here’s a few of Rihanna’s new outtakes from her InStyle cover issue: And her brand new photoshoot for Us Weekly magazine rocking a hot Gucci dress: Im sorry But i can't hate today she is doing her thing!

Damn Wesley!

We all knew it was coming. Especially when dude was dodging the feds and escaping to Africa a while back. But the Feds definitely got Wesley Snipes today and sentenced him to 3 years in prison on tax charges. Several of his friends, like Denzel Washington, sent in letters to the court pleading for him to only get probation because of his good character.


So Im dumb late, I clearly just found out that my Stylistic coupld #2 have broken Up! I loved these 2 together, no word yet on why the two broke up but I wish them nothing but the best! :(

Im done

If you can read the sign... then you know what it means
"Im starting a new verse like poetry" perfect line to describe how im
feeling.... "Poetry" by Danity Kane
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Jewelry boxes are so last year! Hehe

Nahh actually they aren't but if you wanna upgrade and see your jewelry
out in the open a jewelry hook stand is so cute! I have one so I can see
who dares touches my shyt without asking. This one is from Claire's for
only $12.50.

Slow ass cookie man!

While riding the train coming from work with rapper Hi-Jynx
( I asked about his late ass mix tape that was
suppose to drop on valentines day of this year but clearly hasn't drop
yet. When I asked him whats the hold up he simply said he doesn't give a
fuck. He wants it to be perfect and I don't blame him but hurry up

Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Bootleg cheesecake! Grrrrr

After work today me and the gang (Mercedes Benz dealership, Dapo, and Hi
jynx) went to the Bread Factory to get something sweet. It looked hella
good from behind the window but when I tasted it I was very
disappointed. Bland, yuck and more yucky are some of my choice words to
describe this slice! I should take my own advice next time about cheese
cake... if it aint Junior's don't touch it!!

Suits for the summer look like this!

Will shopping around for some jeans I came across this official suit for
a man who loves to look good! A white blazer with 2 button and black
slacks is sexy but still laid back very James Bond! I xoxo this outfit!

Gossip girls

I fucking love this show dead ass! Chuck is my favorite bad boy and
blair is sooo fucking fly! With the cast seperatly all over magazines it
was only right they did the New York magazine together! If you have
never read the books, of course I did, your in for a real treat next

My new shoes!

I had to get new shoes today on behalf of all my imortant meetings and
events this week! While running thru Kings Plaza and finding nothing. I
decided to go to soho and ran across these lil numbers. Jeffery Campbell
I love you to pieces! For 89.99 you can't go wrong!

The Worst Movie ever!

That's what the title of "Street Kings" should have been. Me and my
sweetie went to the movies to see this crap and we both sat in the movie
theatre with our mouths open wide! We didn't get the plot until the last
30 mins. Of the movie. Its sucked pretty much! And why was cedric the
entertainer in this movie clearly trying to play a drug dealer with a
serious role! Sucker please! This movie is a big fat ZERO

Blue dreams

Clearly the nail polish color of the week is electric blue! This is
probably one of the boldest colors I have ever done. but I had too in
honor of my Kissed By Rain shoot tomorrow... haveyoubeenkissed!?

Rap Up 3 year anniversary @ the Adidas store!

Drinks, music and fashion is my kinda nite! Last night was pretty cool @
the Rap up 3rd year annversary @ the adidas store. I met some dope
fashion head and made great contacts. Keri Hilson hosted the event and
looked hot! In wide leg denim, heel where she could see over the crowd
and a leather jacket to complete the outfit. Nina sky were on the ones
and twos (I didn't even know they DJed), and Teyana Taylor gave a sick
performance! Shout outs to Auntie Nikki, O-Billz and Great Scott for
getting me. Sorry im not on the list!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Kissed By Rain 08' is here

Weerrrree bbbaacckkk!! On Friday I relase my male or female cardigen to
the people. To my girls it is simply called the "x-boyfriend
cardigen"because it is a guys cardigen. Retailed @ 120.00 you can still
hold on to a piece of you X while kicking his ass to the curb! LOL
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

I hope I look this good at 40+

This is amazing. Stacey Dash is 42 and Lisa Raye is 41 WOW

Sex Pistol of tha... shyt Iono even know!

Name passport G
where you reppin .. the boro that mothered this rap ish The Bronx
Occupation.. artist and designer FASHION HIGH DROP OUT
why are you a sex pistol? because i sex with my pistol on while the complete technique pieces bang against them ass cheeks
Obama or Hillary? could care less life goes on gotta eattttt
what boutique do you shop at? none str8 to the owners doggg!!!
Who would be your ultimate Party Guest ( they could be dead too)TARA REID AND MICKEY FACTZ ...AND AFTA THE PARTY IMA SMASH ms REID TO BACK SEAT LOVE LMAO
What kind of phone do you Own? i phone pussy
Favorite Clothing Line: kissed by rain if they had sum mens threads (get it together rain) FLY GOV, LandD, mighty, lavie, alien anyone else fuck off sling ya COTTON elsewhere
FINAL Words... ( this is like a shout out) U WIN SUM U LOSE SUM BUT U LIVE TO GET FLY ANOTHER DAY..... PASSPORT G