H&M debuts Plus size Line "Inclusive"

Here are the first look of H&M's plus size line called "Inclusive" Inclusive will be a ONE-OFF (so make sure you line up!) range of colorful and feminine fashion with lots of attitude in sizes xs-xxl which will be sold exclusively through H&M Online from early March.

The collection includes figure-flattering party dresses in 50’s styles with large polka dots and rose patterns, as well as skirts, tops, cardigans and lingerie following the same theme. Basically the same sort of thing we’ve already seen in other places, but with that added H&M cool factor, new colorways and fabrics, and (hopefully!) lower price point that we’ve come to rely on.

MAC Viva Glam Gaga II for 2011

Lady Gaga is back for a second round of Viva La Glam with 2 new nude additions to the collection. Set to be released on February 17th, 2011 the lipstick and lipglass will run you each $14.50. I love me some nude lipstick so this is definitely on my shopping list!

The Abusive Boyfriend

My day looked like....

MCM x Patricia Field

My Brother Je and I just came off the phone about MCM, because we want to get bookbags this year, and look what I found! Limited Edition MCM x Patricia Field!!!! The Totes are reversable and he drawstring bags are uber hawt! Beyonce has been rocking this one all around town! And for $550 and $620 its not that much to spare if you got it. Sounds Like Christmas is coming early this year!! For Purchase check out www.Patriciafield.com

Movie Trailer: Hannah

John Legend " Ordinary People"

Christian Louboutin Sp Su 2011 Men's Collection

I couldn't leave my boys out! Christian Louboutin has comes back for a second round with releasing their Spring Summer collection. Fellas you might want to save your pennies too, these sneakers come at a small price.

2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet BEST looks!

Anna Hathaway look so HAWT in this bronze Giorgio Armani Privé gown. My 1st draft pick for the whole night! Catherine Zeta-Jones wore this AMAZING!! Emerald green gathered Monique Lhuillier strapless gown. Sophistication at its best! I love her in this dress Jennifer Lopez wore a Zuhair Murad design with an attached cape, I absolutely adore this dress. The Newly blond Emma Stone wears a peachy-pink Calvin Klein gown. The simplicity and color warms my heart! Amber Riley looked radiant wearing an Oliver Tolentino one-shoulder gown. My Girl Amber rocked the Shyt out of this dress!! I love her confidence in this dress! Totally HAWT!

Tonight I learned how important tears are

At 3am January 15th I received a call about someone who has been recently getting away with murder at my job, that he was arrested earlier yesterday. Now for a couple of days I haven't been able to hold it together tearing up at work, because I was so upset that they were doing wrong and the others were getting blamed for it. I whispered to the Lord, please help me hold it together and I instantly calmed myself, and finished my shift. Let it be know if you are a child of God and things aren't going well now matter what is it, talk to him and let it be known Jesus will ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK!!

Dumb Ass Tattoos

This is officially the dumbest tattoo ever

Christian Louboutin Sping Summer 2011

Jesus I will be saving my pennies!

Fashion Movie: Desert Rose

We Love you Haiti

Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that hit Haiti. My prayers and thoughts are with those who still have no where to sleep still and still cannot find their loved ones. My heart breaks when I hear my friends who are desperately trying to bring their family to America. I urge you to still donate money to the Red Cross who is still accepting monetary as well as food & clothing contributions. For more information visit www.redcross.org Que Dieu bénisse Haïti et leur peuple

1.11.11 was my best Day EVER!!

I had a GREAT FUCKING DAY!!!!! 1. 11. 2011 was my best day ever since this year started!

Glee x OPI

“Glee” fans can soon wear their love for the show on their fingertips: Sephora, via its Sephora by OPI brand, will launch a limited edition nail color collection in stores in February. I can't wait to see what colors and names they think of. I will definitely buying.

We all want this eventually...

I think we all secretly want to be love and grow old with someone... Maybe one day

Before you break the Law, Guys watch this

My Fight with Life

Words can't describe how I feel right now but the picture sums it up

Oh Abu Dubai you have my heart

For the longest now I have been trying to get to Adu Dhabi for my birthday this year in July. For those that don't know Abu Dhabi emirate is the largest of seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates. Also for all my fashion heads this is the country that Sex and the City 2 was filmed. God has worked in a mysterious way at work today I was given the opportunity to visit a week before my birthday. I am sooo taking my momma! July2011 is gonna be awesome

Wishlist: Hermes H Bracelet aka Clic Clac Bracelet

Oh Hermes how you tickle my kitty kat :) For the new year I am getting a Clic Clac bracelet frm Hermes. Made out of palladium and enamel coloring this will never tarnish like ever! Retailed at $560.00 US dollars its definitely worth it... Soon soon soon

Nail Technician on the Loose

Custom Nail Designing is going to BIGGER than your grandma's Mac and Cheese recipe and to find your own personal nail technician is tough. Luckily I was very fotunate to be put on to Brooklynite Colleen who only does appointments and her designs are tighter than her schedule. She does Manis, Pedis, fillings, tips, and wraps. Check out her work and make an appt.! Twitter: campbellsoup_ BBPin:30E32F28 Email: PicaSoOnPurpLe@GmaiL.com

The Real Monsters

Lauryn Hill - I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

NOS Shoe Boutique

NOS Shoe Boutique 117 Front Street, DUMBO Brooklyn, NY 718.422.0095 NOSboutique.com NOS is a sleek new high fashion boutique. Owner, Racquel Nosworthy, has created a ultra modern yet intimate showroom which features a wide selection of shoes along with a hand picked collection of only the very best designers' signature pieces and accessories. The selected items convey a sexy youthful atheistic while maintaining the look of sheer elegance. This is where you can find the highest quality apparel without sacrificing that unique and personalized look.

Good Eats: Cafe Chili

Cafe Chili 172 Court St; Brooklyn, NY 718-260-0066 Who doesn't love affordable Thai food?? Duhh everyone does! Brooklyn's newest thai spot had me in a fantasy world with stylish decor and tasty food last night in downtown BK. The spring rolls for appetizer and pad thai for entree only cost me 25 bucks with drinks on the side. Great place for date nights or hanging with the girls, and because I live in Brooklyn it didn't take me forever to get there. I recommend this place to everyone, check it out.

The Game is BACK!!!

January 11, 2011 it goes down 9pm on BET. I have my DVR set, and I took the day off from work I am not missing this!!! Last we left off Melanie and Derwin got married and he welcomed in the world a new baby boy. Tasha and Rick Fox are back together, but Tasha has lost her bestie and assistant Kelly. Kelly and Jason are getting a divorce, and with Jason with Stacey Dash its no turning back. Malik lord knows what was going on with him in the last episode but who cares they are all BACK!!! Thank God!

Boy Toy of January 2011

Meet Keith "Pika" Holmes. Heartrob. Harlemnite. Seductive. Bold. Dapper. Fashionable. and lastly Celebrity Wardrobe Engineer. His clients include Amber Rose, Rock Ross and your Mom. Trust me June Ambrose knows about this man and you all should. Twitter: @pikastyles

Artist on the Rise: Hi-Jynx

Steady to the Top is what you hear when you think of South side Jamaica bred Queen's rapper Hi-Jynx. Who recently ( Like 3 days ago) dropped his new mixtape "Your Love Smells like Money" If you don't have it I suggest you download it pronto on his website www.jynxurself.com So Far my FAVORITE track is "Wings" and "Winter without you" He is the truth and well on his way of making history as not your average storyteller. Follow him on Twitter: @jynxurself Website: www.Jynxurself.com

Diary of Fashionista Episode 1: Born Again

IF you didn't know you have been informed.

Hey Yall! KBR 2011

I know its been awhile but I am making my vow to let my readers know whats going on with Kissed by Rain as well as , entertainment, celeb stuff and so much more. In a nut shell, Kissed by Rain is back and STONG!! New Look, New Love and New Site www.KBRNYC.com I will keep you Posted on everything and I love you all xo Rain