I can relate! Seriously!

Im going to get personal! because I need to get it off my chest!
Yesterday I Spoke to my Ex Marcus yes Markiss! yall know him! and shyt I was wow! but anyway! here is Ne-yo new Video for his second single "Do You" http://videos.onsmash.com/v/zHWWEhex2aYIqxR7

I've been in the Dungeon for the Past 2 days!!

If you know me really really well!! where the hell do I spend most of my time when I'm not out partying or being a jerk at work! In the FUCKING dungeon!!! SOO I decided to show you where Kissed By Rain is made at! No Asian people here, Just one indian, a dirty pair of Basketball short im always wearing and my Fashion High school tee!!! haha

Soledout is Freakin Back!!

SNEAKERS, SNEAKERS, and More Sneakers... Sorry I wont be here :( I gotta work DAMN!!!

DRESS of the Week!

I know its been a minute on the Dress of the Week.. Sorry! but here it is! This week is a dress from the Rachel Roy Collection, if you Don't kno who Rachel Roy is she is Dame Dash's Wife, but anyways I always like her clothing its too Chic and Classic. My Dress is a Lightweight, wool dress with belted waist and deep scoop at back. Pleating and unfinished edges at 3/4, bell sleeves. It is $825.00 at selected stores such as Saks and Berdorf Goodman. I would rock this to work, then off to the After work spot, Like the Mixx Lounge! where im at every tuesday!

Married to the Mob Summer 07 Preview

Today I present you the new Married to the Mob Summer 2007 collection that will also hit stores shortly around the globe. Certainly one of the best womens lines out there, the new collection just like all previous ones, perfectly translates that mood of the brand and their usual style somewhere between sarcasm and provocation - something followers of the brand have learned to love.

via Highsnobiety.com


The pit bull in a skirt is back with another banger!!! Here is some pics from her video shoot from the first single off the upcoming album " Tambourine": Five Years with out an album Never Looked soo good!!!

PARTY!!! HAWT Vintage Style!

My Hot Sexy Piece of Goodness Acacia is having a Birthay Party!! and Only the most Fashionable people will be there! Trust me this Jet setter is not only sexy but Aa trend setter. This is a Party to be at! Hot my girl up to make sure your on the Guest List! VINTaGEsQUE'S B*DAY
May 25th@ Lounge 243 (243 East 51st btwn.Lennox & Clarkson)
$10- & 20 afta 12
Dress Code: FRESHER THAN FRESH (Bring out ur best shyt!)
Invite only, u must b on da list!!!
If u wanna get urself or someone else on da list hit me up... http://myspace.com/stfusb
aim/aol: hawtvintage
Me and my Keme! will be here struting our stuff on this runway!! Love u Acacia!! xoxo

New Arrivals at Kendo!

Cake Clothing Summer Preview 07

Cake Clothing is a new brand out of NYC and their first collection, Summer 2007, is hitting stores this week. Already with their first collection they have scored some major accounts and can be found at Atmos NY, Goliath RF, Ssur+Plus, and other good accounts. The first collection is all about "Models Love Cake" and they definitely have some hot designs with that theme.

Its Official!

Aww How cute Jaslene's Modeling card!

Ladies this is For you! - Take you home!

Ladies this is for you! As I was talking to my girl Brent about what else I could add to my blog, she was brainstorming and I was also. I came up with " Take you home" It simply is the guy you know you want, and want to take home pretty much! IT doens't mean you have to take home and have sex, it could mean take you home and talk or talk you home and cuddle or take you home and PIN YOU DOWN TO A COUCH AND HAVE A CRAZY MAKE OUT SESSION!! LMAO! This is my take you home and ladies if you know of a guy you want to take home then tell me and ill put provided by you or keep it anonymous.

As my First Take you home this is Keondric Williams he is a student at the University of Miami studying Motion Pictures. He is a phototographer, that needs to take some pics of me WINK WINK! He is from Portmore, Jamaica, and is a Christian. He has a girl ( or a least that what it says on Facebook) and is too cute! He also has a Phototography company call KWill Phototography. Here is some of his work!

Pretty Dope huh!? Here is his Myspace and his blog if you wanna check him out and his work of course!



VANS X Marc Jacobs!

Just last week we entered the Vans flagship store in Paris and asked if a new collection in collaboration with Marc Jacobs was coming soon. They confirmed that something is in the works, but did not have any details. Here now via Complex the breaking news, that they have already cooked up something for Summer 2007. For this coming season they are dropping three subtle canvas joints based on the classic Vans slip-on. The model in the middle we have already seen in the Marc Jacobs fashion shows. It looks like a Vans Old Skool, but is in fact just printed onto the slip-on. Expect these to hit stores very soon. They go for 80 USD. VIA highsnobiety.com

You Look at Hot Mess - Boy Edition!

As I was at my Girls from church's 18th Birthday Party, I stumbled across this FABRIC PAINT gone crazy Look!!. It was a Casual Party but this is no excuse for this shyt!!! If I ever see any of my homeboys doing this I will slap them!!! SMH big time!
Thanks Alize for the Pic! :)

CHA CHA DIVA is the NEW America's Next Top Model!

YES YES Jaslene is the Newest Top Model! I didnt get to the See the Episode cuz I was too Busy Dancing it Up at the Laced Mag Party but Ill talk about that Later. She was up against the chick that can't speak any english and From my understanding she whipped her ass! YES YES a Spanish Top Model, someone to kick EVA of of her fucking High Horse!

BBC/ Ice Cream Season 4 Lookbook

BBC/Ice Cream’s Season 4 lookbook is now available for preview, familiar faces like Ebro ( From Hot97), Spencer Fujimoto, Vashtie ( Pharell's X Girl), Joli, MY BESTEST Friend Scott!! aka Great Scott! and Pharrell grace the pages of the lookbook. The collection is vibrant and tasty, I luv the white pullover Hoodie. Via fressnessmag.com > BBC/Ice Cream - Season 4 Lookbook


It is Going DOWN!! Literally Picture this!! Laced mag the Dope Dealers that sell the crack that the people need! and the cops don't bother them because they know the biz is throwing a sick ass party! GFC is the crew, L&D is the Shyt they rock and the lifestyle is theirs they don't steal but Set it up for your losers!! I Will try my best to be there because yet again this is 21 and older freakin event!! NEXT year need to come now!!! ahhhhh But IF you are there Don't leave the camera at home because this is History in the making!!
Interview with Mickey Factz coming soon!!!

PURE Bullshyt!

This is SOO fucking stupid Im sorrry, and its sad to say Niggas is supporting this shyt!!!
Im SMH right now! This is a porn that was created after the Don Imus controversy, it is on sale now and selling like hot cakes why!!! I HAVE NO IDEA!!!

Kelis gives out Coochie Meat!! lmao !!

Kelis gave another eye popping performance at the Henessey Artistry Concert Party where she almost bared her milkshake...yet again! Granted Kelis likes pushing the envelope but lately with her last goodie baring photos and uncessary arrest...some may say she's up to her no good antics again. All I'm saying is I'm to glad to see she's not pulling a Paris or Britney...running around commando style!

This is Retarded!!

If you see this idiot please slap him... Im said to say he is from Brooklyn!! NOOO He gotta be from the other side not from my side!!!


I was told by my girl lala to pick up this month's issue of Nylon because there was a sick ass jacket that my girl Lindsey was rocking in her shoot, then she dropped the bomb and said it was Marc Jacobs! I ran to Soho to get this mag after she told me. And low and behold there was this beauty of a fucking jacket! I need this in my life!! and I will have it!!! www.marcjacobs.com

Cassetteplaya = New York Don't Got shyt on this!

Meet 26 year old Carri Mundane who is Cassetteplaya the British- Born fashion designer who is on the rise!!!! She has dressed tons of artist such as M.I.A and New Rave banner wavers the Klaxons. Both have been dressed by and had videos styled by Carri Mundane. She is also Contributing Fashion Editor of SuperSuper, i-D stylist / contributor and recently collaborated with Nicola Formichetti for Dazed & Confused. Cassette Playa Spring/Summer 2007 is a toxicolour uniform for hard boys battling real and virtual worlds.

She is truely making her mark here in New York as she is featured in MISSBEHAVE Magazine for one of the fashion story for the month! The line hasnt hit the states yet but give it a couple of months and it will be here Guarenteed

for more info!



Nick Cannon Proposes to Selita Ebanks! this is crazy!

Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks are engaged to be married. Nicl Proposed to his Victoria Secret Model on one knee with a 12 carat diamond engagement ring. They left the Costume Gala at the MET and were taken to 42nd street where on the MTV jumbo tron were the words, " Selita will you marry me?! and she happily said yes!
DAMN the ring! that dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! which is also my pick for dress of the week!

As I was Roaming around...

As I was Roaming around Brooklyn today after school, I came across this little little Shop! Boutique rather in the best place you would never think a boutique would be... If your from Brooklyn you will make the WAHHH face just like I did... Cricket Wealth is the name of the Store owned by Damion Wongsang ( no he isnt chinese). The Store is Located on 35th and Church Ave. yes I know I said Church Ave! Its kinda hidden but thats even better if you don't to be that dude wearing the same shirt as that next dude in the club! I love it there and they cary all types of brands such as Leroy Jenkins, C.R.A.N.I.U.M, Liberation Lab, Kiser, and soo Much more! Check them out! Open Seven Days a Week Monday - Friday: 12AM - 8PM Saturday: 11AM - 8PM Sunday: NOON - 7PM PH:718-484-9311

Jay-z at 60!

3 Words! That is Crazy!!!! LMAO

A.L.I.E.N.s Do exist!!

Quan, RickStar and those Damn Aliens are back once again to tear up NYC but not by themselves they brought the whole squad out! Hosted By Scottie Brix from Machete Magazine and Saint representing GFC this is another one not to be missed! The party will be at PLUMM NYC (246 West 14th Street ) and you must RSVP: events@galaxyriders.com to be there!!! Sorry guys this is a 21 and older event! But I will try my best to be in there!!!!!
PS PS PS Performing that night wil be SUPREEME!!! If you really don't know who these Dudes are I suggest you click here! http://www.myspace.com/supreemesupreeme
GET THERE EARLY! Doors Open at 9pm!

Marc Jacobs Launches New Scent - “Daisy”

Marc Jacobs is out of rehab and back on the grind. After finding success with the release of his other scents, Marc Jacobs for women, Blush Marc Jacobs and the Splash set, he is releasing a scent that is more playful and young called Daisy. The fragrance is set for release in August and Bloomingdales will have a one-month exclusive on the scent and then distribution will spread to other doors. Yall know I got to get this cause Marc is my DL boyfriend!!! xoxo

Alife Rivington Club - Courtyard Sale Extended

Due to heavy rain last weekend the Alife Rivington Club sale has been extended. Starting tomorrow, May 5th, till Sunday, May 6th. 50% off on all styles. Leave your credit cards at home, the sale will be CASH ONLY!!! Alife Rivington Club 158 Rivington Street New York, NY 10002 TEL #: 212-375-8128 Sale Dates: May 5th (Tomorrow!) - May 6th (Sunday)

Kissed By Rain Is in Stores!!! Go out there and Be kissed!

Hot Off the Press!!! Kissed By Rain will now be carried by Fitted By the Best Located at 69 Lafayette Ave in Downtown Brooklyn. They carry both men's and women's clothing with many exclusive designers you have never even heard of, and of Course My Line Kissed By Rain as of Tuesday next week.... Please go and Copp my stuff or maybe you might see something else!! Love ya Ladies at Fitted By The Best!!!