TEAM N.E.R.D 1 Year Annversary Party!!

Seriously, If your ass wasn't at Teyana's Sweet 16 cuz you wasn't invited then you better make you flight real early for this One!!!
TEAM N.E.R.D's 1 year Annversary Party is going Down!!
Friday April 6th at Club Avalon in Manhatten ( 47 West 20th Street, Club avalon looks like a church on the Outside)
Doors Open at 10pm
Tickets are 15 dollars in advanced and are being sold at DIMENSION & DESIGNS II HAIR SALON (274 145th & 8TH AVE. IN HARLEM!) This is a Strictly Sneakers affair and Street Couture is a MUST!!!
I will see you there!! Its TEAM N.E.R.D Baby!

~~~~Dress of the week~~~~

It getting pretty hot these dayz and everyone is tearing off the layers for more sexy looks whether it be day or night! So i have decied to come up with "Dress of the Week" . It could be a Celebrity or a Fashionista like yourself.This First week of "Dress of the Week" is from the new video for Fantasia B. The song is called "When I see you". She shot most of the video in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But Look at the Dress! This is my pick of the week because it isn't really fitting which makes it comfortable in any outting. If I had the money for this dress, this would be in my closet! Speaking of dresses I just remembered I need a dress!! Lol VIA

These Kicks are ehhhhhhh........

The Simmons Daughters Angela and Vanessa Released dropped there footwear line called "Pastry Footwear"... Im not one to hate but (LMAO, that was funny for me even to write)... the Sneakers are not my favorite pick of the litter but hey everybody got a hustle and im not going to knock theirs cuz shyt I got one too.

Cassie Pregnant WAAAHHHHHHHH

YUP yup It is Rumored that the ONE hit excuse me Two hit wonder, Model turned Singer Cassie is Preggers!!! Yes im shocled as you are too but hey she is signed to Bad Boy, Come On!
Her Baby Daddy is Supposely Ryan Lesie he produced and fuck B.U.D.D.Y on the side!! No wonder we aint see her do no performances lately!!! SMH Im digusted!

What I downloaded today!

Amy Winehouse... period. Reigning from the United Kingdom Amy has burst on the US scene with her second album " Back to Black". I love this chick seriously, with her jazz voice, she definitely has me thinking about a lot of thing when i have her on which is 24/7. My Fav Songs so far are " Back to Black", "rehab", and "Wake up alone". I think you should get this one if you haven't already!! xoxox R.

Beyonce.... NOSE JOB!!! hmmmm

hmmm i know its not just me!!

No More Roll Bouncing!!!

Brooklyn natives I am very sad to report butthe Empire Skating Rink is closing on April put up a COSTCO. After more than 60 years, it can no longer afford to keep up with several violations. DAMN!! West Indies people for shooting up the damn place. FIrst the Skate Key in the Bronx, the Roxy in Manhatten now this ish!!! I never went there but I heard it was the place to be, if you were cool. Get you skate on to be apart of history one more time brfore it closes there doors... Tear but hey COSTCO IS COMING!!!! yesssss wholesale food at a low cost!!!! I can get with that!

Baby WACK to KLS .. even worse!

Kimora Lee Simmons Has lauched a second line to "Baby WACK" call KLS which is suppose (yes that is the key word in this sentence) to be the upscale version of Baby WACK. Truthfully she needs to burn this entire fashion house and start over cuz it keeps getting worse and worse everytime she thinks its hot! Reality Check boo, this line looks horrible... please fire everyone at this company!
But my question is How does Kimora Look better than her wack ass line!!?? SMH.. Im disgusted!

LOOK what the hell Brittney Spears Done started!

Yes Yes yall... Naima America's Next Top Model Winner went crazy Brit on us and shaved her head like a dweeb... below is the before pic.... But then again was she really getting modeling gigs since she won.... you hardly see her... Damn thats wack


For Spring 2007 Kidrobot got again together with Lemar & Dauley and they present a flipped colorway of the rainbow design, actually still crazy, but a little more subtle than the first one. The new Kidrobot x Lemar & Dauley hoodie will drop on March 29th and will be limited to 256 pieces and to one piece per customer. VIA High Snobiety


SOOO I got a new do! yes like my idol Kelis!!! i will be doing some crazy shyt with it, i guess lmao... but heres what i went from before the short do! BIG CHANGE HUH!!!!

Don't Continue to sleep on this Chick!!!

Amerie Amerie Amerie!!! Now we all remember when she spoke to us about "Why Don't we fall in love?" and then continued "Talkin' to Me". Then she left us but came back screaming and hollering about this "1 Thing" Well my Girl is back with her third Album entitled "Because I Love it" with singles that aren't out yet but I heard called " Gotta Work" and "Take Control". I love Amerie!! Dead ass I put on to her by my first love and it has stuck since then! She is a beautiful person and Singer!!! The release date isn't available yet!! but stay close for that!

Laced Magazine: Fire & Ice Issue

Fire & Ice is the 3rd Issue of Laced Magazine which drops March 28th 2007. This Issue features Pharrell Williams, Teyana Taylor, Creative Recreation,100’s OF SNEAKERS, The Pack, Jhung Yuro, Mahirishi, Spike Lee and 40 Acres and A Mule, Mighty Healthy, Phenomenom, Lemar and Dauley, Brand Manhattan, Bodega Neckface, Exclusive article on the real “STREETWEAR”. Kid Robot Remix Da Kicks and MUCH MORE! Laced can be purchased in stores like Atmos and Goliath... Go Support and Buy a copy!

Ahhhh to Be 21!!!

Damn these Guys are sexy huh! Ladies! Well These are my dudes Randy (left: ) and Chris (Right: they are turning 21, and throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party! To give you a lil info about these guys they are apart of the College Club Kings "Da Cyph". Randy and Chris are both SINGLE!, and will only date the Best Females out there! Randy's favorite food is Steak and Shrimp and Chris's is Bake Ziti ( so ladies you must be able to cook) Chris's Favorite color is Purple and Randy's is blue.They are real sweethearts but enough about them lets talk about there party! The Party is called "Spring Bling" Hosted by the Retro Kid$, Stylist Crew, and Do Care Promo It will be at Club Amazura (91-12 144TH Place Jamaica, NY) on Friday March 23rd. Doors open at 10pm and we wont stop dancing and sipping on the licks till 4am. So ladies this means wear the most confortable heels in the world. Tickets are now on sale and from the looks of things they are gonna go pretty fast! ( you can call June at 718-775-1305 or Fredstar at 917-650-9178 for tickets!) I will be there partying it up my boys and I hope you will too P.S BITCHES!!! I WILL BE LOOKING FOR MY VICTIM FOR " YOU LOOK A HOT MESS" SO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WEAR!!! and if you didnt see the last chicks check out the pics in the link below!

What I downloaded today!

Musiq Soulchild's New Album "Luvanmusiq" is definitely some real zone out make you think about the one you missed or love music. I actually heard Miss Jones from Hot 97 saying she got it and she said it was sooo beautiful so i downloaded it. So far my favs are "betterman", "ms.philadelphia", and "teachme". "teachme" is playing right now and from what im listening to he is asking her to teach him how to love her. Its really beautiful truthfully. I give this 5 stars!

St. Pattys Day = Sneakers!

Reebok's BB5600 is probably one the brands best and most under-utilized models. It's a great palette to spin stories on. This is the St.Patrick's Day version of the shoe. It reinterprets the colors of the Irish flag in neons. The side-stripes, heel "Reebok", and tongue graphic are all 3M reflective. The shoe is also made up of a mixture of smooth and patent leather w/ hot green contrast stitching. In addition to the the tongue graphic, the lining also features a repeat pattern that is very fitting for the holiday - check out the detail pics. Pics Via


Marc Jacobs has voluntarily checked himself into rehab after seven years of sobriety, his company confirmed this afternoon. According to a company spokesperson, the designer flew to an Arizona treatment facility—whose name was not released—the day after showing his fall Louis Vuitton collection in Paris, and is reportedly being treated for drug and alcohol use. WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD! OMG MY MARC, I am crying and praying for you... You are my inspiration and my idol!

Kissed By Rain! on

Check us out in the "Im a Flirt" section on this new trends blog spot... at PEEP it and Dont get eaten by the sharks!

Crooks & Castles x Creative Recreation

Last year in August during Magic, we revealed this collaboration to you between Crooks & Castles and Creative Recreation. They collaboration on a Cesario Lo sneaker and the design is just so evident and we like it. They covered the Cesario in the signature Crooks chain pattern, that just looks great on this sneaker. It also comes with a golden lacelock. Expect the sneaker to hit stores this month.
I LOVE THESE SNEAKERS!!! Now everyone knows I hate low top sneakers but these I would rock the hell out of these!!!
Pics via

Damn another Bag!!!

SSOOO I have decided that I am going to be arrested for theft at the Louis Vuitton Store on 57th street very soon, so be prepared to yell at the TV "OMG I know that crazy Bitch" LMAO Introducing the Louis Vuitton silver mirror "Speedy" satchel, $1,150. DAMN this Shyt is rent money but! to have Bitches and Dudes look as you stroll down the block is totally worth it!!! This can be found at with other great leather goods. xoxox

Im In Seventeen Magazine!

Yup Yup thats me in Seventeen magazine! for Aprils Issue as an Upcoming Designer!!! I am sooo greatful for this Opportunity and blessing!! Thank you for the love and support everyone. Keep Praying for me! and the line. Go Pick up the Mag and Support!!!

LaLa and Melo's Baby is here!

Carmelo Anthony and his fiance LaLa have delivered their first baby together today after labor was induced. His name is Kiyan/Kyan (pronounced "Ki-ann") and his stats are 5 pounds, 9 ounces, 18 1/2 inches long. Congrats to them!

Nike SB X Vanilla Ice Blazer

As part of the "Fallen Heroes" pack, Nike SB will release a Blazer, represeting Vanilla Ice. The sneaker looks great and comes in all red suede, baby blue swoosh and star embroidery on top of the swoosh. All in all a very well designed sneaker, with some nice details, without going over board, what we see quiete a lot from Nike SB sometimes. They are planned to be Relased in may.

Married to the MOB Spring 07

Well, here it is. The MOB Players Jacket is also set to be released for Spring 07 in three colorways: black, purple and gold with a hot pink quilted lining and gold brass zippers. Of course these are cut & sew, and have lots of great details, from patches to inner linings. Overall a very nicely designed piece. Only 150 pieces made retailing at $285 and sold exclusively at ALIFE, Colette (Paris) and HUF (SF).

OMG Kelis Was Arrested!!!! OMG NOOOOOOO

Kelis’ milkshake brings all the boys to the jail yard and fucking proves she is a boss well not really. Bossy singer Kelis was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes.
The officers were working an undercover operation in South Beach, when cops say Kelis started screaming racial slurs at the women. She continued screaming and rushed toward them, and had to be restrained by friends, a police report said. According to the report, Kelis’ “actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance, causing people to walk in the street and causing traffic to stop.” Kelis, the wife of rapper Nas, was charged with two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest. A rep for Kelis had no comment.
DAMN... thats all I Got to say

Anna Nicole Laid to Rest

Here is a Picture from the Funerial Service going on right now for Anna Nicole Smith. What a Beautiful lady seriously. I pray her soul will be at rest and my prays go out to her family. RIP Anna

Im really trying to bring Brooklyn Back! But this Chick SMH!!!

Meet Kathleen... she is from Brooklyn , NY and was the first one to get kicked off ANTM Season 8... and thank god she did. I was actually cheering for her cuz she was from Brooklyn and I always support my people trying to do something with themselves in fashion or in anything else. But this Chick.... She makes Brooklyn look dumb, how do say your a model but you cant pose or at least try to . Then tell the photographer you don't know what your doing and he is directing you??? Come on Boo, your telling me you can't at least try. Then she said she is a hairdresser!!! I cant... im going to leave this one alone. Before she locates me in Brooklyn and beats me with that weave!! LMAO SMH! I had to!
Now Im cheering for my hot spanish Latina! Jaslene who wasn't picked for last season and is back and ready to become the first Latina ANTM! You go girl!

And Did Cassandra really say she sewed a wig to her head because she's cheap? On that note im outta here.Stay tuned for this weekend's Episode of "You look a hot mess", outfits for the weekend, and Where I was at!

Have a Great Weekend Kisses!


As I was just looking around online for things i couldnt afford... I came across this Sick ass bag that i need in my life...

This right here is the BBC Dollars and Diamonds Travel Bag! Its $200.00 and only online at SOOO If you love me soo much you wanna get this for me!! :) More WishList to Come..

PS. My Birthday is July 14!

" Why You Don't Buy me Reeboks No More???" There BAAAACCCCCKKKKKK

The Reebok Classic is turning 25 years old this year and they are celebrating by Releasing 6 pairs of the Famous sneakers rocked by many in the early 90s till today. They were either designed by or inspired by artist in the industry. Word has it that they will be at the Reebok Store located on 160 Columbus St. and they will only cost $100 bucks, but don't hold me to this. I definitely Will be getting my hands on one of pair of these!!!
Also....The Freestyle was nicknamed the 54.11s because they were retailed at 49.99 but with tax it came up to 54.11!!! Just giving u some edumacation for you brain.