Ladies this is For you!

Quote of the Day! As I was skimming thru my Ipod on the train yesterday After getting into a fight with my Ex I realized for so many reasons why the Hell he is an EX.... Keyshia Cole Explained it simply by saying... " If he aint going to love you the way he should then let it go and if he ain't going to treat you the way he should then let him go"

STUSSY 2007 Fall/ Winter Collection

Another batch of Stüssy products for the 2007 Fall/Winter Collection have landed at Sold Out. The three t-shirts available include the Worldwide tee, Kicks tee and a classic Logotype tee. The Kicks tee features a neat flip on the classic New York Knicks logo. Available now so check your local Stüssy dealer as well. VIA Hypebeast

Yesterday Looked a lil Something Like this!

Well its Kinda Backwards but you get the idea

Bentely Got a Book!

Speaking of Mr. Bentley, he had his new book signing at Hue-Man Bookstore in NY last night. He wants to spread the wod on how to Advance Your Swagger. Gotta love it. This is for that mad that Has a no Swag... Great Stocking Stuff for the holidays!

Im tight with Usher!!

Ok I understand that you think you are the shyt cuz you got some albums and a lil scent out but there is no need to act like a PRICK! He had it out with Miss Jones yesterday over this marriage/pregnancy foolishness. Audio Just a mess. Listen to this Shyt.

Milian Fashion Week Update!

With Milian Fashion Week in full swing, I have abosolutely falling in Love with Moschino Cheap & Chic for the Spring Summer 08. Its too Cute with ruffles and cute dresses. Its definitely going to be a girly summer. So ladies instead of buying every Jordan for next summer buy one pair and save up for some Cute flowly dresses and Skirts in bright patterns.

Freshjive Spring 2008

Rick Klotz’s Freshjive collection for the 2008 Spring Collection has recently been previewed via Japanese online retailer Zozotown. The teaser reveals just a few pieces which include the Santa Ana jacket, LHDT raglan, 1989 zip hood and the Sponsor t-shirt. These items aren’t slated for release until sometime in February of next year.

Da Movement x JB Classics DaZebras

JB Classics has teamed up with lifestyle organization Da Movement to create a special DaZebras model for Da Movement’s upcoming event this Friday. The event will feature music, wine and art as well as the exhibition of some of Shepard Fairey’s (Obey) works. Also on tap are some special exclusive items in the form of toys and t-shirts alongside the DaZebras. The DaZebras includes a shiny patent toebox alongside a quilted leather side panel and zebra hair heel. The tongue tag includes a “Love is a Battlefield” patch alongside a clear sole. Only 25 pairs will be created and will go on pre-order during the Friday night Jump Off with a price set at $500 USD.

Info Friday Night Jump Off 43 Clinton St. (between Stanton & Rivington) Friday, September 28th 6:00 - 9:00 pm via hypebeat

Sex Pistol 9/26/07

Name: Fresh ( age: old enuff where you reppin: C. I Why are you a sex pistol?: Cuz im stylin on em Lupe or Kanye: Kanye to tha Williamsburg or Soho: Soho Curry Chicken or Jerk Chicken: Curry Chicken Any last words... TF is the shit!!!


FASHIONABLE ENT PRESENTS........... FAMESEXMONEY @ VESTA "Get One Get The Others" HOSTED BY FASHIONABLE ENT. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< Everyone wants Fame everyone wants Sex and everyone wants Money, so why not come party with those who want it as much as you on October 5th @ Vesta where the makers of Fashionable Friday are ready 2 give u another GREAT party!!!!! DOORS OPEN @ 10PM OPEN BAR FOR LADIES 10:30PM-11:30PM (FREE DRINKS CAN'T BEAT THAT LADIES!) LADIES FREE TILL 12MID MEN FREE TILL 11:30PM REDUCED AFTER ON GUESTLIST TO BE ON GUESTLIST EMAIL FASHFRIDAYS@GMAIL.COM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Spinning The Best In R&B, HIP HOP, REGGAE-SOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DJ's: DJ KOOL KID A.K.A "Mr.Let Me Clear My Throat" & SUPA DJ WAYNE SKI ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IF YOU ARE HAVING A BDAY OR AN EVENT CELEBRATION COME CELEBRATE IT IN A FASHIONABLE WAY WITH US FOR FREE @ FAMESEXMONEY & MAKE IT A NIGHT 2 REMEMBER FREE CAKE & CHAMPAGNE FOR ANY BIRTHDAY OR EVENT PARTIES OF 15 OR MORE!!! FREE BOTTLE FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES OF 25 OR MORE!!! (20% GRATUITY CHARGE) For Questions or Reservations email <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: MEN-No Workboots/Timbs Fitted Caps/T-Shirts/Athletic Wear or Hoodies Collar Shirts For Men are MANDATORY!!!!!! LADIES-Sexy Proper ID is a must The Following is excepted- State ID Drivers Lisence Passport Once Again 2 RSVP For GUESTLIST, QUESTIONS OR BDAY/EVENT RESERVATIONS FOR THIS BIG ONE NIGHTER ON OCTOBER 5TH YOU MUST CALL 646.359.2308 OR EMAIL FASHFRIDAYS@GMAIL.COM SO TO ALL THE GROWN & SEXY COME JOIN US FOR FAMESEXMONEY A FASHIONABLE ENT PROMOTION....... Also for more info log on to..... WWW.FASHIONABLEENT.COM WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FASHIONABLE_ENT

Sex Pistol 9/24/07

Name: Starr [] age: old enough Occupation: Student/ Bartender What you reppin? New Bedford, MASS!!! Why do you think your a SEX PISTOL? "It's the innocent-looking ones you'll need to be worrying about." Coke or Diet Coke: Vodka Fall out Boy or Gym Class Heros: Fall Out Boy, Circa 2003, New School Gym Class Heroes Any Last words: " fuck I gotta pee again bye. "

Why did I put a weave in my hair??

SO I put a weave in my hair last week friday, I think and it is a wet and Wavy because I missed my long hair but to be honest I really hate this Shyt. Its Annoying! Im bout to take this shyt off and Go back to my Kelis roots! Love ya boo!


Bitches On Bikes!

Another reason why I love Miss Cut a BItch!

Cuz hse is too freakin FAB!

LOOKING for the Next Biggie!

MOtion Pictures are looking for the Next Biggie for a Movie they are putting out about his life. Are you a Look alike of Biggie then this is all you! Lil Kim Not Included

Sex Pistol Numero UNO!

Name: Rinaldy "sauce" Alvarez ( )
age: old man status, 20 to be exact.
occupation: Student, aspiring designer.
What you reppin: First Place Losers
Why do you think you are a sex pistol? I'm a sex pistol because like Curtains said "ya'll thunder way too loud, I'm lightning see me, wow!" I do me, learn, progress, and adapt, all while creating some hot ish that makes up me.
Kanye or 50 Cent [Kanye of course.]
Williamsburg or Soho [downtown BK, williamsburg is full of non-native new yorkers and soho is full of retro zombies(term created by A.L.I.E.N.S.
Curry Chicken or Roti[Oxtail, I think outside of what's readily available.]

SEX Pistol of the week!

Am I starting a new piece called SEX PISTOL! and it could be a girl or a guy on the move doing great things in their life to make it. You could be a Model, a Designer, an artist or simply a retail worker that nows they shyt. Email me a if you think you meet these requirements soo I can hit you back with the questions of the week.

10.Deep Fall '07 Collection Released

The new 10.Deep collection that we presented to you about a week ago is now getting into stores. They have released so far some hoodies, t-shirts, Murko the toy, denim and more. Most exciting in this first drop is for sure the Hoover High Jacket and the classic Core Fitted New Era caps. Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the 10.Deep Fall '07 photoshoot here. Commonwealth is among the first to offer the new collection. As usual 10.Deep does not only offer a solid collection, it's also well priced. After the jump what has been released so far. VIA High Snobiety

Stussy Deluxe Fall '07 Collection

The Stussy Deluxe collection was only introduced a little while ago, and while applying the Stussy aesthetics, the line offers more high-end materials as well as fits. Driven by a rising of the bar, best exemplified by Japanese streetwear brands that have long offered high end takes on street classics, the Stussy Deluxe collection has a quiet subtlety and wide reaching appeal. It is the perfect collection for the more grown-up Stussy customer. First pieces of the new collection have landed in stores, thus we can show some of them now. The Stussy Deluxe Fall 2007 collection offers a very nice range of shirts, mostly with patterns, plaid or polka dots. In terms of cut they are more fitted than other Stussy collections and we especially like the branding or actually the little branding. On Stussy Deluxe shirts you will only find a small purple dot under the neck in the back. Definitely a nice touch. Other pieces in the new collection include cashmere knitwear, down vests and also down jackets. There is definitely more to come soon. Pics via Norse/Haven. Check out the line-up of shirts, knitwear and jackets that has been so far released after the jump.

VIA High Snobiety

Jigga Drops another album??

Apparently they weren't just rumors. Jigg will be dropping another album called American Gangster this year....November 6th to be exact. I wouldn't be surprised if dude came out of retirement just to drop a new album every year from now on. Ish would be nuts. His first single "Blue Magic" supposedly drops tomorrow. This ought to be interesting.... UPDATE: He explained ths concept album over at the NY Times.

TONIGHT!!! Mishka Event!!

HEllz Bellz and 10 Deep Event!

LACES OUT Boutique- home of the fresh-is having an EXCLUSIVE 10 deep and HELLZ BELLZ INVITE ONLY -- in store event- PLEASE rsvp
DATE SATURDAY : SEPT 29th , 2007 1pm-- til 8pm
This is for the collector, fresh, kid thats wants their pieces before anyone else-
THIS is to SHOP and purchase the all NEW FALL 10 DEEP and HELLZ BELLZ collections-
INVITE LIST ONLY : must be invited - for discounts
Champaine, Music
Buy a Hoody get a tee for 20% off-buy 2 tee's and get 3rd for 20% off-
Give away- , as invited customers arrive, names will be put into a contest to win a free piece from the collections HELLZ BELLZ and 10 DEEP
-LOOk at the future- HEAd Buyer is curious 2 see what other fresh kids are on demand for
- INVITED customers- can take a peek at whats coming out later for HOLiDAY 2007 and SPRING 2008 and if there is a particular piece demanded , she will order for you-!!
this would be for hellz bellz, 10 deep, and KID ROBOT collections
- email me to get on the list for this event -
- Happy Hunting ! HOneybee aka HONEY fresh BEE aka Melissa
1039A castle HILL AVE bronx , nyc 718-684-1068

The Beautiful People Chronicles!

If you missed it! Sorry it was a great night! Dont worry for all you 21 and under people I am going to come back in November with some unfinished business for yall. But It was a great night, heres some pics with me and my sisters!

Movie Review: Halloween and Superbad!

I honestly thought this movie was going to be the shyt seriously, but I kinda disappointed. I loved the plot because there were showing the Life of Mike Myers from childhood to adult life but it was like the same shyt in every Halloween movie. The white Girl runs and he kills them as he slowly catches up with them. I rate this move a 2.5 out of a 5. NOW this movie! 10 stars I laughed the entire TIme and all I have to say about this movie is. Everyone Change your name to MCLOVIN! period thats it!


Yeah buddy!!! This is the real cover of ROLLING STONE with Kanye West and 5o Cent face to face. It’s pretty much tons of hype going into both of they’re projects. I’m rooting for Kanye Im Sorry!but only time will tell! Remember 9/11

Kanye is going to Bring Some Heat!!

Here they are, give them a listen quickly and feel free to express your opinions abou the new Kanye album! Don’t forget, these are totally snippets, and it’s still not too right to talk about the whole album over these tiny tracks. Even though we all know Kanye is going to WHOOP! 50s ASS! LISTEN: Kanye West - Good Morning LISTEN: Kanye West - Champion LISTEN: Kanye West - Stronger LISTEN: Kanye West - I Wonder LISTEN: Kanye West feat. T-Pain - Good Life LISTEN: Kanye West - Can’t Tell Me Nothing LISTEN: Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne - Barry Bounds LISTEN: Kanye West feat. Mos Def - Drunk and Hot Girls LISTEN: Kanye West feat. Dwele - Flashing Lights LISTEN: Kanye West - Everything I Am LISTEN: Kanye West - The Glory LISTEN: Kanye West feat. Chris Martin - Homecoming LISTEN: Kanye West - Big Brother


Here is the Official like a Whistle dates and Times of Every show happening! See you there
WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5th, 2007 9 AM NAUTICA The Salon 10 AM BCBGMAXAZRIA The Tent 11 AM PERRY ELLIS The Promenade 12 PM TONI MATICEVSKI310 W Broadway 1 PM ABAETÉ The Salon 2 PM ALEXANDRE HERCHCOVITCH The Tent 3 PM ERIN FETHERSTON The Promenade 4 PM ANNE BOWEN 25 W 39th St 5 PM ADAM LIPPES DIA, 548 W 22nd St 6 PM DUCKIE BROWN The Salon 7 PM NICOLE MILLER The Promenade 8 PM L.A.M.B. The Tent 9 PM Venexiana The Salon THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 6th, 2007 9 AM LELA ROSE The Salon 10AM MISS SIXTY The Tent 11 AM CARLOS MIELE The Promenade 11 - 1 PM BILL BLASS New York Public Library, Celeste Bartos, 42nd St. 12 PM NARY MANIVONG The Park, 118 10th Ave 1 PM CYNTHIA STEFFE The Salon 2 PM BADGLEY MISCHKA The Tent 4 PM YEOHLEE The W New York Union Square 201 Park Ave. S 6 PM TEREXOV The Salon 7 PM GOTTEX The Promenade 9 PM AKIKO OGAWA The Salon FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7th, 2007 9 AM PORTS 1961 The Salon 10 AM VERA WANG The Tent 11 AM TRACY REESE The Promenade 1 PM CHAIKEN The Salon 2 PM MAXAZRIA The Tent 3 PM J.MENDEL The Promenade 5 PM BUCKLER The Salon 6 PM SNOOPY IN FASHION The Tent 7 PM SABYASACHI The Promenade SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th, 2007 10 AM LACOSTE The Tent 12.30 PM TWINKLE BY WENLAN The Salon 1.30 PM TEMPERLEY LONDON The Promenade 2 PM ROSA CHA The Tent 4 PM Y-3 506 W 22nd St 5 PM REBECCA TAYLOR The Salon 6 PM DIESEL The Promenade 7 PM ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY The Tent 7 PM RALPH LAURENCentral Park Conservancy Garden 105th St. 8.30 PM RALPH LAURENCentral Park Conservancy Garden 105th St. SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 9th, 2007 10 AM DKNY 711 Greenwich St 11 AM WILLOW The Salon 12 PM PETER SOM The Promenade 1 PM MICHAEL KORS The Tent 2 PM RICHARD CHAI The Salon 3 PM REEM ACRA The Promenade 5 PM DIANE VON FUERSTENBERG The Tent 6 PM PAMELLA ROLAND The Salon 6 PM Z ZEGNA Skylight Studios 275 Hudson St 7 PM TULEH The Promenade 9 PM NICHOLAI The Tent MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10th, 2007 9 AM LYN DEVON The Salon 10 AM CAROLINA HERRERA The Tent 11 AM NANETTE LEPORE The Promenade 12 PM JILL STUART New York Public Library Astor Hall 2 PM MILLY BY MICHELLE SMITH The Salon 3 PM LUCA LUCA The Promenade 5 PM ANNA SUI The Tent 6 PM JOANNA MASTROIANNI The Salon 7 PM MARC BOUWER The Promenade TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11th, 2007 9 AM TIBI The Salon 10 AM CARMEN MARC VALVO The Tent 11 AM MONIQUE LHUILLIER The Promenade 12 PM NAOKI TAKIZAWA The Salon 2 PM BETSEY JOHNSON The Tent 4 PM CALVIN KLEIN 205 W 39th St 5 PM CALVIN KLEIN 205 W 39th St 6 PM NAEEM KHAN The Salon 7 PM CUSTO BARCELONA The Promenade 8 PM ZAC POSEN The Tent 9 PM JAYSON BRUNSDON The Salon WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 12th, 2007 10 AM DONNA KARAN COLLECTION 711 Greenwich St 11 AM ANNE KLEIN The Promenade 12 PM TOMMY HILFIGER Hammerstein Ballroom 311 W 34th St. 2 PM TADASHI SHOJI The Promenade

Reading is SOOO COOL!!!

As Fashion Director at Elle magazine, Nina García knows trends –– from the return of oversized sunglasses, to the rise of cropped jackets, to the advent of all things pink –– she has seen it all. While some fashion trends are constantly changing, some just stay the same––the little black dress? Timeless. A pair of skinny jeans? Absolutely necessary. Those adorable sling back heels? Essential to any woman's closet. Balancing the classics with the trends is what style is all about. An exploration of attainable elegance, The Little Black Book of Style provides the essential rules for fashion that every woman should know. From definite fashion faux–pas to pointers on how to create your own sense of style, to uncovering what makes you look and feel good, Nina García offers readers the ultimate guide to follow when it comes to dressing their best. Including tips on how and when to wear an outfit, occasion appropriate wear, advice on how to combine colors and textures, and inspiration on how to achieve your own signature look, this hand–book is a must have.
Its only 17.95 and a true Fashionsista's Guide! Ive Copped it!