Im still crying....

Dont worry boo its going to be alright.... :( Hot ass makeup though!

New Store!!!

Recently opened is La Pizza Shop on Grand Street in SoHo; they sell sneakers, not pizza as some might mistake. The shop is just 3 weeks old with a wide selection of sneakers and loaded with a good selection of Jordans. They share the entrance with Laicale, a high end salon on Grand Street. The cross streets are Broadway and Crosby. The store will host their opening party this coming Saturday November 3rd, they will raffle away a pair of the What The Dunk SB. Check below for more details on the raffle. La Pizza Sneaker Shop 129 Grand Street Map New York, NY 10013 Via

Steel Lord for H&M

Steel Lord the Crazy group from Iceland have dropped some pieces with H&M and this is what they look like. Pretty Crack I think!!

I got a B+ on my English paper!!!

YES YES YES!!!! Im the shyt!!!! Iam working on a 3.5 average!!! HOORAY! me!

Biggie gets Waxed!

Here is the wax figure of B.I.G. that will be unveiled by his moms, Voletta Wallace, at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in New York City.I think they did a decent job, what you think? B.I.G. still looks like one smooth a$$ cat, word!

Fucking For tracks!

Diddy has been sportin’ Cassie around the country and it is only a matter of time before these two come out as a certified couple. Rumors have the new couple together at an American Gangster video shoot Friday and at a Howard University homecoming event over the weekend. We are sure he is just her mentor and protecting that young tail from harm. Cassie’s jaws have been getting some work for some time, BadBoy style.

Tupac and Madonna????

This is definitely some interesting morning swirl news. A new book “Madonna: Like an Icon” out today mentions that Madonna was dating Tupac: Madonna, in her mid-30s, “desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men.” The singer’s friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death. “She was going out with him … but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl,’” - so she got dumped! Madonna was trying to get knocked up by Pac. Interesting morning swirl news indeed. Might have to check that book out when it hits the library stands to get the full scoop.

When the checks stop coming in!!!

Chilli of TLC has official gone broke because now she is designing bags with her son on it... SMH .. who really wants a bag with your son on it except his grandma!!!

New Music I know Im kinda late!

New Song by Weezy " Gossip" click here to listen New Lupe Fiasco "Superstar" Click Here To Listen

What the Hell!!!

This is rumored to be a part of a new Louis Vuitton line of luxury disposable goods! Would be soo Flyy to buy this!??

Please Pray for

As I am sitting here blogging in my house and writing a paper, I get some horrible news that my Granny( my great aunt, we call her Granny out of respect) her Cancer is spreading rapidly. This woman has been making my birthday cake for me every year since the day I was born, and in this photo she made this cake too. Please pray for her, Im still praying Love you Granny xoxox

For all those real Riders!! Not the ones in soho who act like it!

ZOO YORK, Animal Bikes, and Red Bull Present: Down & Dirty BMX Contest ZOO YORK and Animal Bikes will be sponsoring this weekend’s Red Bull Down & Dirty, a BMX competition that will feature 30+ riders from all over the globe. Event organizers will transform Asbury Park Casino, once a premiere attraction on the New Jersey shoreline, into a wild urban terrain/course. Featuring found objects such as 54-foot long NYC bus, yellow taxi cab, and etc… Teams and individual competitor can walk away with more $10,000 in cash and prizes. There will also be a Zoo York Best Trick contest, where rider can strut their stuffs. All will take place this coming Sunday, November 4th. Best of all, the admission is completely FREE! Ashbury Park Casino
801 Ocean Avenue Map
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

This is a show you dont wanna miss!

For more info check out

Soled Out is BACCKKKK

hmmmm everyone is getting naked...

Damn I thought it was getting cold outside, so we put on more clothes but I guess not... I don't know how I feel about this Keyshia Cole cover but something just don't look right. and as far as Kim K. she needed to be on that Playboy cover long time ago.


Premium Laces just opened its doors last Friday here in Manhattan on Spring Street, just off Lafayette Street. This would be store number six in the series of stores connected to Premium Laces, a second Premium Laces is in the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn. The new stores features most Nike accounts with regular Nike, QS, Jordan and even SB. In apparel, the store stocks 10Deep, Masterpiece from Japan, BBC, Stussy and several others. Premium Laces 68 Spring St Map New York, NY 10012 VIA

Tattoo Diaries!

This Is Travie's Cusin from the Gym Class Heros! looking sexy as hell!!! And he will yes Will be modeling my guys line!

Since Rihanna is still pissing me off....

Since Rihanna is still pissing me off with her Crap, Ill fight with her some more! She went back home to Barbabos for relatives wedding and this is the Crap that she wore! Its a cute dress but not apporiate for a wedding serious! how she got her breast all out and it aint her wedding??? SMH

Movie Review: Saw 4

SOOO I went Opening night to See Saw 4 and it Was Fantasic! The people that work at Twisted Pictures Have to got to making crazy paper but seriously how the hell do yall sleep at night!! I dont know but Anyway. If you didnt see Part 1 2 3 then it makes no sense seeing 4, thats my opinion. The plot was excellent and had you almost pucking till the very end! 5 Stars in my book!

Kelis Gets Dropped From Jive!!!

JIVE records has officially dropped Kelis. and u know Im fucking tight! With Tasty going gold, I guess Kelis was here didnt do too much but piss of jive cuz it wasn't selling. But word has it she is being shopped around right now. She will be alright but I hear Lil mama is next to getting dropped too! nahh im playing or am I!!!!!

Happy Belated Birthdays to my LUVAS!!

Happy Birthday My Love!!!! (He is on the Left Im on the right) To my Bestest Friend who is there for everything! and will always be! DENIM is the Shyt!
Happy Belated My Fria! I love u mucho!!! my party riding beat a bitch down where ever! KEep on pressin on and 1 more year till we get into 21 and older club!! HOORRAYYY

My Weekend Looked like this!

Sex Pistol 10/24/07

Age: 19
Occupation: Window breaker (singer duh)
Why are you a Sex Pistol? hehe......ask my
Who is your Style Icon: Well, it's not really Who? I'm inspired by everything I see.
Tmobile or Sprint: Tmobile, Sprint is ridiculous they cut your phone off for like 2 minutes if you go over...O.D.
Jay-Z American Gangsta or The Black Album: Black Album all day.. Jay left perfectly and know he's sort of back tracking and not in a reasonable doubt way but a wack one..Sorry, I love him but come on.....
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts: Starbucks
Final Words...Look out for Jo-Storm....the world is not at all ready!

Dont mess with this igga!!!

Not TI, but TIP will kill you if you are in his way!! these are firearms he bought! Im staying clear of this guy!


Somebody put these Fools back in a studio PLEASE!!!! What is going on!! there are no more dance movies to make!!!! So you gotta try a scary movie!! SMH big time!! but heres what its about anyway!! From the director of YOU GOT SERVED & HOUSE PARTY 4, comes this urban horror/thriller on the order of CABIN FEVER, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, and WRONG TURN. SOMEBODY HELP ME delivers a chill a minute as the story revolves around characters Brendan Young and Darryl Jennings as they head off with friends and their respective girlfriends for a weekend stay at a remote cabin in the woods. After the couples settle in and start to enjoy the weekend, things take an eerie turn. On trips into the local town, they start to have strange encounters with some of the townspeople who seem a bit askew. One by one of group ends up missing or dead, while the dwindling group is forced to ban together more and more to figure out who or what is behind the killings. Ultimately, they discover even more than they bargain for in a chilling reveal. SMH!!!!!

Where you been hiding???

Its Cherri Dennis Yall!!!! DAMN WHERE U BEEN!!!


Hollywood is giving out STARS!! To lame niggas like Ricky Martin!!! if that is the case let me get a fucking star!!! What the HELL!!! AGAIN!!!



Here are some wack ass shyt that need to die!!! When is comes to dressing! ( PS: If you do wear the following Don't be tight learn from it and grow!)
The Fashionista!!!
Pradas were cool in the beginning when came in every single color and you looked cool coming out of the Prada store with the draw string bag and the box... BUT!!!! its over you cannot wear pradas with everything. ITs wack and its Lame. The shottas have put it to rest. RIP!!! Again yes once again I have to put NYC on blast! I hate this Tee, Sweatshirt and pull over hoodie its Dumb and looks like you had nothing else to wear! Please stop and it and save your money up to get a real shirt!! SMH

Starbucks is madddddd Fat! literally!

After classs me and the girls also went and got some starbucks. Jo is dieting sooo she couldnt get a sexy Strawberries and cream! but she a Passion Iced tea! but rewind for a second! WHY WHY WHY! did this ghetto girl that had to wake up at 6am just to get there on time was mad at me! cuz she thought I was going to steal her DRY crusty Sandwich! I didnt want that! Come on Bitch! Dont be mad at me you work there! that is your choice!

I was thinking....

As I was coming from wack ass English class with the Girlies! Jo and Steph we was thinking that Eve should not be dancing at all! She looks terrible! Doing all those west indian dancing looking like she gotta take a shyt! come on! Is it just me?

Something lite!

Teyana! has got rid of the curls!! for lil bit to get grown and sexy on us! I love it!

This is the Mother fucking weekend

Im SOOO hype!!!!!! Live or Die!!! make your Choice!!

Neon never looked well this bright!

SOO I was being darning today and got my nails done be for class. But i was tight because my nail salon was closed soo I forced to try a new one out which I didnt want to Near to Nostrand Ave! IT was wack and it looked like my niece did my nails at the end of it!!!!!!I paid 17 bucks for my nails and toes !! I am soo tight!!!!


Nike iD Studio @ Niketown New York6 East 57th Street Map(Near 5th Avenue)
New York, NY 10022 For appointments visit: This past Saturdays Nike celebrates the opening of the NikeiD Studio at Niketown New York with a star studded cast! The new studio is located at the 5th floor of Niketown, the new studio feels much more like a design studio rather than a chill out spot like the 255 Studio. There are a ton more new options that you can choose from to design your ideal pair of NikeiD now, if you haven’t checked out our review click here.
VIA Freshness Mag

Giving Back!

Your ladies from Pink Positive NY are back and “bee-z” as ever with our second event, B.E.E. in NYC … ( Bags for Education and Entertainment in NYC) we are looking for established or upcoming music artists, designers, and magazines to donate about 40-45 copies of their work to talented students from low-income families in NYC. In addition you may want to throw in some extra copies so that we can give them to everyone who is involved in this project! So please tell anyone you know to contact us!, The exposure will be great and why not donate to the students who represent working hard, and staying in school. For all inquiries and requests please email: Please note if you can not donate 40-45 copies then donate as much as you can(preferably an even number).
Thank You,The Ladies of Pink Positive NY, Inc- if you are not in the NYC AREA
email us about where you can send your music, clothing etc.!

T.I Covers Complex!

Clifford is all over the pages of the November issue of Complex mag

Movie Review: Why did I get Married?

Last Night I went to movies with Cast (Computer Love) to see why did I get married and Seriously it was a great movie! The way Tyler Perry wrote this film we can all look at it and relate to it. Please tell your parents to go and see it too! My parents need to see this film seriously.

Good Girl gone Bad is fucking right!

So while I was a working doing nothing as usual, Rihanna comes in with her STINK West Indian Attitude acting a hot box of trash!!! I was definitely upset at her! When one of the security guards at work asked for an autograph not for her but for her daughter, This Chick Answered with AND I QUOTE " I DONT GIVE OUT AUTOGRAPHS". I was tight at this chick. When I told my mother this morning, my mother couldn't believe this and said " if her mother only knew the way she was acting she would've get one bloodclot licks on her rass" In a West indian accent of course! SMH at you Rih Rih!

I wanna RAPE this BOY!!!!!



WTF!!!! thats all I got to say!!!
on the Left we have Fantasia!! and on the right we got Khia!!!

could she be your Kid Sister??

Kid Sister ( is from Markham, IL but currently resides on Chicago's north side. She makes club rap and works at a childrens clothing store slanging bibs and teething rings. Yes, her DJ (J2K of Flosstradamus) is her real brother, and yes that does rule. Together they're taking the Chicago music scene by storm, rocking parties and causing all-around dancefloor mayhem.
Here are some pics from her recent video shoot with Kanye for her single " Pro Nails "