Roberto Cavalli + H&M = I think I WILL be buying this shyt!!

Roberto Cavalli is going to be the next designer to work with H&M. Cavalli says that he will "add a dash of festivity and dreams" (translation: borderline glamour/ eurotrash with animal prints and metallics) to the H&M aesthetic and that there will be 25 women's pieces including lingerie and accessories. The line hits select H&M stores November 8th... via

Who doesnt Love June??

Hey Ladies Meet my Friend June! aka Junebugg ( He is apart of the College Club Kings Da Cyph where they reside in Queenz but there are making it slowly but surely into the city and to the other 5 boroughs. But Back to June! He is a 5'7 3/8 Haitian whose favorite color is Orange. He represents not only Queenz but Long Island also North Babylon to Be exact. But now for the Nitty Gritty shyt! June is SINGLE and Looking! But he isnt looking for sum bum ass chick but a beautiful chick that has style and grace. He is big on Charm too like a smile and something going for herself! H loves the big girls but just NOT what he wants in a Girlfriend. Stussy and not commercial shyt is what he rocks. His Final Words include: " Summer 07 is going to be crazy, He wants his Fucking Kissed By Rain Shirt, and Da Cyph is in the City" Speaking of City...
June Big Party is going Down Next week July 4th at Avalon ( 20th and 6th Ave) from 10pm to 4am. Fashion meets Music is the name of the event and will be some heavy hitters in the building that night! 18 to Party 21 to drink, ID is a must!!! You can Contact Fredstar for tickets 917.650.9178, See you there!!

Dissizit x La Coka Nostra Tees

Dissizit and La Coka Nostra got together to create some limited edition Paris Hilton t-shirts. They created two very cool tees of course also on the Paris x Prison topic. Designs were created by Slick and Dannyboy.

Back to School Shyt!!

Here we present you the complete Nike "Back To School" pack. This package, like the Fantastic 4 package, includes several shoes that each represent something individually in a theme. This package includes the “Notebook” Dunk High, “Elmers Glue” Air Max 90, and the “Crayon” Vandal High. The releases dates have not been confirmed, but since it is a "Back To School" pack they should be dropping some time in August. Pic via Nicekicks. Via

Retro Kids X Kissed By Rain= Hot Funn

Early 90s Music and a whole lotta Rope Chains cause some noise in Queenz at Club Gamma sunday night. Kissed By Rain, Bella Dama, and Rock Star Society hosted the Party and the Retro Kids danced it up. It was a good Time, other than it was a fucking Sweatbox it was soooo Hot. Bu tmy model chicks had a Good Ol Time taking pics and Dancing. Da Cyph was in the building also. To be honest there wasn't any hot mess that night but my sources are still looking. But right now I pour a lil out for the 90s because after that night it was clearly over.
RIP 90s!

Jump On it!!!: Rebel Yell Clothing!!

I was at work the other day and I peeped this clothing line from afar and I fell in love!! Rebel Yell reflects the nostalgia of a childhood spent in the glory days of the late 70’s and early 80’s. From the clothing to the distinct name, the inspiration for the line has and always will be from owner and designer Andi Ballard’s memories of growing up in Virginia. And what better way to epitomize her rowdy, all-American childhood than her favorite wooden roller coaster ‘The Rebel Yell.’ Raised by a fashion loving folk-rock musician mom, Ballard’s style influences started young. There was never a shortage of inspiring fashion, art and music around the house when she was growing up. With the classic rock greats echoing through her design studio, Ballard set out to create a line of clothing reminiscent of the styles she grew up with: playful, comfortable and all things vintage.You can Purchase this Lovely Clothing Line at Bloomies and Various Smaller Boutiques.

Word of the day!!

H.A.M- Hot Ass Mess Senetence- That chick looks a HAM wearing those spandex pant that she knows her ass can't fit iin!!

Puma x NoMas Lottery & Sneakers= I like these!!

Forget Powerball and the tonight's Pick 6 numbers. The Lottery by No Mas gives new meaning to the age old tradition. On the eve of basketball's annual draft, Chris Isenberg, founder of the art, apparel and media company No Mas will stage an alternate draft night that reexamines and reinterprets the basketball lottery system and the fates of the "lottery picks" from 1985 - 1995. The art exhibition, which is supported by sportlifestyle brand, PUMA will open on June 27th at 31 West 19th Street and remain on display until June 28th. But in true Lotto form, you can go home a winner. As part of the opening reception, No Mas and PUMA will host a lottery where guests can win one of the art pieces on display. And those who turn up losers can line up later this summer for a Loterry-inspired co-lab shoe made by PUMA and No Mas and inspired by No Mas's artistic direction. Visit for more info. Via

Where the Hell has Ashanti Been???

Here she is at Lorraine Schwartz Launch party for her new Monkey Collection at the Monkkey Bar in NYC. Word also says she is back in the Studio recording... hmmmm

When Animals go wild in the Residential Area!

For the past 2 days animals in my Residential area have been going crazy!
On Tuesday I was sitting in my house eating cereal in the kitchen by the window minding my own business just the Honey Combs in the bowl when outta no where squirrel flew into the window. I ran screaming threw the house. Don't worry I wasn't hurt, because thank god I had the screen and the bar on the window to protect me. I was definitely scarred though. Then on Wednesday night my cousin and I decide to go jogging like we normally after a long day of work. As we were circling the block she said she had to use the bathroom and we proceeded to head for her house. As we approached the house we notice a furry figure by the garbage can but assumed it was a cat. As we looked closer we noticed it wasn't a cat but a huge mama Raccoon and 4 of her babies. We ran for cover in the house but she surround the house so we could'nt leave because she thought we were a threat to her children. We called the cops and waited till they came. I didn't even know raccoons were in the residential area! SAVE US!!!

I see that some people are upset :(

I see that the 2 ladies I offended on my blog are upset and want me to post my address so they can come beat me up! (Can you hear the Sarcastic Chuckle in my voice). They also say I am bored and Have no life... Ha if you could only live in my shoes you would never want to leave my Christian Louboutins EVER!! So I'm going to continue doing me and so should you!!

Y-3 Sample Sale!!!

Get it while its hot!!

Fade to Black!!!

My gurl has come back to her senses and dyed its back to her natural roots!! Thank God! She is still filming in ATL for her Reality show on MTV called " Mr and Mrs Jones" I can't wait via

First Ever Kiss on Camara!

Im sorry but I love these 2!! They are fab hard working individuals and I love it!!! Jigga please pop the fucking question mann, yall need some kids or a dog or sumthing!!!!

Kissed By Rain is on some 90s Ish!!

The lovely Ladies of Kissed By Rain will be in the building this sunday for the Retro Kids!! @ Club Gamma (36-08 33rd st, Astoria, NY) Doors open at 10pm! This is a 18 to Party 21 to drink event!! We will not only be hosting but we will be giving away Custom Kissed By Rain pieces to all the fly 90s chicas in the crowd!! So come out show love take pics and be fresh!! with us For tickets Hit up Tic Tok at 917 586 7594

You Look a Hot Mess: Devil in a Dress Edition!

This is my Hot Mess number 1 draft pick for that evening! Yall remember Toni Braxton's Dress from the grammys some years back this is the chic that stole it and tried to revamp it! SMH big time!!No this Chick! Im gonna go hard on her! 1 why the hell is she wearing a a T- shirt to a party as a dress now we all know that long tunics are in for this summer but damn. Number 2 that cotton candy nail polish is not working for you at all!! leave the 99 cents nail polish at home! And number 3 last but not least! if you know you are going to wear this look as a dress why the hell are you wearing WHITE PANTIES!!!! come on I know they sell black underwear!! but on 7days7nights there is another pic of this chick and I will add her unerwear is in fact stripe I apoligize.
hahahah don't get caught by me bitches, its not safe anywhere!!!
Love ya B.D.U, and LIVE Money for the great Party Smooches!!

Rosa + Rain = Devils in Dresses!!

Yea I wore a dress, I wore a Slutty dress put it like that! My cuz and I went clubbing baby for her birthday even though it was like a 3 weeks ago! We partied like rockstars and drank like Nicole and Paris. If you weren't at the Pepper Lounge in Soho I feel bad for you. Here is the Low down. We arrived at 12:11am at the lounge and shyt was the line long!!! there was sooo many females omg i was soooo upset. We paid 20 bucks to get in because it was after 12:30 but hey at least it wasn't 40 like it was at 2am. I thought the music was really good but I was upset when they played "Buy me a Drank" once!! Grrrr but I saw alot of my myspace and facebook friends it was soo cool!! Check out the Pics after the jump!

Dress Of the Week!!! She is Truely a Devil!!

Yes Yes yall was it a night to be a devil!!! I actually went to 1 party I actually promoted on my blog! it was hella Fun Trust me if you wasnt there... well.. u have to read about it.. Back to my Dress of the Week!! My Fab Fashionista Krissy! Killed this dress, this loo,k this everything, since she stepped foot out the car! and you could smell the hate from the Long ass line of ladies.
This Short and backless sequin number was designed and made by her sister who is also is a true diva too!! Im not telling anyone who the designer is till I get my hands on a piece but you will know when the time is right! I love this fab diva Krissy!

ATMOS X DUNK = Party!!!!

I love me some Hollywood!: Take you Home Tuesday!

SOOO I actually went to Take me Home Tuesdays at the Mixx lounge in Soho last week for a change and chilled with the dudes as we watched the NBA Playoffs. Everything was chill until I looked up from my mirror as I was checking my lipgloss and saw a piece of Hot Sexy man Chocolate! We definitely played eye tag and the smiling game for bit but never exchanged numbers but did find him on myspace. I found out he is a comedian, yes a real comedian not the one that tells jokes at the christmas dinner table and he is quite funny!!! Peep his myspace page, and tell him that Rain sent cha!!

Kanye West's is 30!!! I did not know that!

All I have to Say is this Man is the Shyt! How do you have your Birthday party at the Louis Vuitton Store that is wild! I can't wait for my 21st its going to be a mess!!

Dress of the week! Prom Edition

It was my Lil Sisters Prom Last week and her dress was O so cute that I had to put it as my dress of the week. To be honest I have no idea where she bought it but I know it cost $240.00. Of course her sisters did her make-up and she looked Fab!! My Sisters from left to right, Me, Jennifer, Shantell and Liz!

Are You a Devil in a Dress???

The Men of BDU Ent. and Drunkman are throwing one hell of a party at the Pepper Lounge and yes I will be there with all my girls!! in our Freak'em Dresses! This Friday June 15th, Doors open at 10pm!!Its 18 to for the Devils and 21 for the Fellas! The party will be at the Pepper Lounge in Soho take the N, R, Q to Canal Street and walk to Leonard St. You can't miss it! Its on the Corner!! 2 Floors of Fun, Fellas, Music and Drinks Come On!!!! See you there!
You can Contact Stace Mcfly at (646) -842-9451O-(914)-513-7442 for more info!
And as Always Look out for me!! Cuz if you look a HOT MESS I will be shouting you out Saturday Morning!!

Wanna Visit Paris Hilton in Jail??

If you are going to have Paris withdrawl for the next 23 days, Have no fear!! You can visit the Drunk heiress aka Inmate NO. 9818783 during regular hours Saturday and Sunday 8:30am- 3:30pm and then from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.
But if you don't care to see the chick! How bout you send her a piece of mail to tell her how much you really miss her. 11705 S. Alameda St., Lynwood, CA 90262.

Happy Birthday Rosa!!

Happy Birthda Cuz!!! I love u forever!!! Como si dice palabra en ingles? WWOOOORRRRDDDD

Summer Jam Wrap up!

Even though I didn't go I did get much feed back from the show. From all of the people i spoke to there pretty much told me " it was ight, you ain't miss nothing" Which was shocking because the line up seemed really good! But I did hear good things like the battle between Kanye and Swizz was crazy and soo was Diddy's performance when he brought Lil Kim out on Stage... but it wasn't nothing crazy... can't wait till next year :(

Rihanna is everywhere!!!!

She is a good girl gone bad on her 3rd LP and I got the Pics to Prove it!! As she graces the Covers of Complex and Giant Mag for this month! Us West Indie People We know how to grind!! Also I hear that Rihanna speaks about her Father being on Coke as a child and having to deal with it in Giant Magazine. DON'T FORGET HER ALBUM DROPS TODAY!!


Brooklyn is on the rise with sooo many boutiques is retarded!!! Weathly Ho$tage is another one located on Ocean avenue and Church Ave( Take the B or the Q train to Church ave). I love this little shop where I get my Married to the Mob and Lemar & Dauley!! This Friday thru Sunday theay are having a sale!! 50% of select merchandise!!! Yes I will be there taking pics, shopping, and dancing while DJ Jay Yung willl be spinning!! See you there! And if you can't make it here are there regular hours Mon- Thurs: 11-7pm Fri & Sat: 11- 8:30pm Sun: 12- 8pm

New Designer!! on the Rise!! : JAMPAN

The line JAMPAN by Charise Yearwood was inspired mainly from old school west coast fashion mixed with the modern/retro fashion styles of New York City. The name JAMPAN began as a nickname for Ms. Yearwood because of her JAMaican and PANamanian background. So as her love for fashion grew and she decided to start a line of her own it was essential that the name of the line represented who she was, so she named the line accordingly, JAMPAN. Ms. Yearwood says, "JAMPAN represents who I am but does not express nor does it limit Jamaican or Panamanian fashion. If you happen to see Ms. Yearwood walking down the streets of New York City, you will most likely see her sporting one of her snap-back hats, the premiere article of her line. Can't Wait to Rock my hat asap!!

Rockers NYC Summer Polos!

Aside from their t-shirt collection Rockers NYC also offers this season for the first time polo shirts. They just released the Daytripper and Exploding Skys polos in their usual style, that you do not find anywhere else. That special style of raw and somewhat DIY that their entire line has since the start to a certain degree has also been projected onto these polos now. Also the quality should be very good, as they are Made in Japan. The polos are now available at Rockers NYC retailers worldwide and their online store. via

You look a hot mess: Prom Edition!

My Girl Alize definitely Hooked me up with these pics from here Best Friend's Prom which was today! and Jesus! Ill let you be the Judge! comment!

Dress of the Week: Prom Edition!!

This week's Dress of the Week was from my Cousin Alize's Prom!! She Looked hella gorgeous in this Strapless Turquoise Silk satin number! She topped it off with peep toe black patent shoes and a black clutch!! Definitely doing it for the ladies for the New school! Copped from Lord & Taylor by Jessica Mcclintock and for a steal. She paid a mere $115.00 for it!!
That is a steal and My Dress of the Week
Do It Boo, they really must not know bout you!