Jeremih " Birthday Sex"

What would you do with 232 Million Dollars?

Thats what 23-year-old Neal Wanless must think about from the small town of Winner ( no pun intended) South Dakota. Wanless, who is single and lives with his mother and father on the family's 320-acre ranch near Mission, said he's going to buy himself a bigger spread, repay the kindness other townspeople have shown his family and spend his newfound fortune wisely. He also said "I want to thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity and blessing me with this great fortune. I will not squander it" Dreams do come true!

Kissed by Rain X Prom looked like this!

Damn Im Talented!

The Twilight Saga : New Moon

Im seeing this shyt!!!

Kissed by Rain RECAP!!!

YEs i know i am alll over the place but between work and prom dresses which is kicking my ass this season! But anyways with God's annointing and full blessing I will be doing my first ever Kissed by Rain show and opening a boutique this summer. Check out another article on I am featured as an emerging designer! xo to Daphne! When you don't see me don't be worried I am working on some big things TRUST ME!! PS Congrats Lauren on Graduating this year and rocking a KBR Bathing suit at your graduation party even though I wasn't there I heard it was a blast!!! REMEMBER KEEP PUSHING IF YOU HAVE A DREAM!!! Once you move God will always make sure it comes true!

Amour = Love!

Fellow Fashionista outta Paris Roxanne has the cutest tat on the side of her wrist which speaks for its self!