Im in love!

I think Finding Forever is like the ultimate Album right now that I runnning in my Ipod! since Amerie's Touch!

if you have nothing to do!!!

Brooklyn is Definitely where its At!

NEw Shyt

Go get that, cuz I got 2 pairs!

Yuck School!

Yuck today is the first School! to all the Freshamn Enjoy the Day and for returning students well you know!

Teyana Covers the Trace!

MY Lil Sis Teyana Has hit the Trace mag and is putting Harlem Back on the map! With her crazy Abs and Angelic Voice don't expect her to be on some cute shyt with you because she will beat a nigga Check out the other pics and go Copp that mag!

Movie Review: Illegal Tender

I went to the Movies last night and saw Illegal Tender Starring Rick Gonzalez. It was a great plot don't get me wrong with the guns and the love he had for his girl but it was sooo Rushed. it was 1 & sum. I rate this movie a 2.5.

Well this is the New Band!

So Diddy finally made the band last night... and I didnt get to see it live but I did here who is in it. The new band is Brian A., Qwanell, Robert, Willie and Mike. I was really mad as hell Donnie aint make it but as I learned this Morning Listening to Miss Jones, Diddy gave Donnie a Deal anyway as a solo Artist Thank GOD!!! and I also learned his is originally from Canarsie Bk. I will be stalking that ass. LOL, But Im still mad my boy Carlos didnt make it but When one door closes another one opens!

That Nigga Right there!

I love my Main Man Chris Right here!! this just says it all!

Have you seen em?

look who I found partying at Duvet this past week... is that Loon oh shyt where the hel you been hiding!!!

Oh Shyt!!!

You know that nigga Frank from her first album well that nigga aint beat her like her man does! After getting in a fight in a hotel room, they decide to take a walk in the streets of london hmm how smart is this.... Come on Amy rehab seems like a go right now... ya think!

You look a Hot Mess!!!

Seriously I really really dont know about this one. She looks like a Whore Smurf! I dont get it.... Shout outs to Joanna for hooking this one up!

my Weekend looked like!

and not all in that exact order!!

Bad hair day!

With this crazy windy days and the temperature dropping below 70 my hair hasn't been on its best behavior soo I ran into Urban to get something to cover it up and ran into this lil number. This Fall its all about the Beret. For 24.00 bucks I got my hands on this one and soo can you. Its Sequin but there are many other kinds in all different colors and styles.

Can you guess who it is??

This man was at the top of his game 10 years ago, as he sung naked in videos. He was Angie Stones lover back in the day... Can't guess?? well its D'angeloUmmm Micheal Eugene have literally brought tears to my eyes. I mean he couldn't at least trim that Rick Rossish beardstache and tailor the suit for court? He was spotted leaving court a few days ago. And clearly dude is NOT about to be giving us that fall release as planned.

Thia May be a good Idea...

Rumor has it Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Pharrell are forming a new trio. They say they're making a whole album together and are calling themselves CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers). Fashion meets Music hmmm

Happy Birthday Kelis!!

Happy Birthday Kelis!! She celebrated her 28th birthday in MIA @ Camo! Rumor has it she ans Nas looked high the entire night hmmmm

Thank God he is Legal!

This cannot be Chris Brown! Shyt all of this was hiding underneath those xxl tees! shhhheeesshhhhhh!!

Chi Town is all about Leaders!

If your in the Chi this weekend Hit up the Leaders Block Party!! I really want to Flyy out for this We shall see, got to hit my boys up from Jet Blue! and see if we can make it happen!

Cold as Ice!

Diamond Supply Co. is releasing an exclusive version of the “Cold as Ice” t-shirt which comes in a Tiffany colorway and will be dropping this Saturday, August 11th at the Fairfax Diamond Supply Co. store at 11:00 am. Only 200 shirts will be available with a further 200 being allocated to the online shop. Only 1 shirt per customer. I am getting this shirt!

Take you home Saturday Edition!!!

Ladies meet Casey Crawford! This Model slash Designer slash Hottest Tats Ive seen on a body in a while! Is a St. louis Bred Brother who s 21! SEXY SEXY SEXY! He is my take you home Saturday because I am on a fashion scale today! He has been on Major Runways such as BET's Rip the Runway and NYC Fashion Week. He is an Artist like not Photoshop but actually paints! I think its getting a lil hot in here but Casey is a true Take you home to Mom also then Take him to your bedroom! hehehe Loe it and Love him!
Here is some more pics for your masterbation pleasure!
God Bless Shhheeeeessshhhh as I take a moment to relax!

Kissed By Rain + Pink Positve = Hip Hop Couture

If you missed it! you missed it! August 5th I was apart of Hip Hop Couture a wonderful event created by Pink Positive a night of Fashion and Music! and all of the proceeds went to Domestic violence. I had a ball and it was cool getting back on the runway! I went with my Lil brother Keme! I dropped a couple of new pieces also! Check out my "Sneak Peak Shift Dress" its to die for!

Lemar & Dauley Celebrates 4.5

Alien Fall Winter 2007

This one of a Kind Luxury Bags are making there way to the Trade show in Las Vegas where you can copp one from August 27, 28, 29. This will be a problem for the fall DEADASS!

After Party!

After the Show its the After Party and After the Party its the Hotel Lobby.... well maybe not the hotel lobby but my bed or yours what ever works but anyway! This Saturday is the Fashion Show where I will Be revealing my Fall 06 Line and you better be there. Then that night its the Fashionistas Party of Alll PARTYS!!!! for more info!

Take you Home Wednesday!

Today is all about Ice Cream Today!! I love Vanilla today!My Vanilla is Chris hailing out of Jamacia, Queens this 23 year old kills me with his height! 6'3 shyt I love me some tall men! Never taking pics with direct eye contact is what keep your drawn to him as you kill to see them

there is just something about this guy!

J. Holiday is a problem for this fall trust me! that track BED is a baby maker and if you don't know what Im talking about ... You better ask somebody!

Do you like Doctors? I do!

Dr. Romanelli will launch his next installment of the "Surgical Strike" collection at Sophnet in Tokyo this week. Featuring reconstructed vintage military garments with new premium leather and luxury details, we can clearly say that this is one of our favorite Romanelli collections to date. Not only is Lupe Fiasco modeling the collection, you can also expect a collaboration between the two coming this Fall season. Via Supertouch.

All White!

From the Dudes that brought you Devil in a Dress comes an event you dare not Miss well if you Ain't 21 or Don't have a Fake I.D. Its a Pool Party at SPA 88 ( 88 Fulton Street) I will try to be at this event if Im not caught up doing something else! I have no idea how much it cost to get in but Im assuming 15- 20 bucks and Doors open at 10pm. Bring your bathing suits and trunks so you don't look like a lame in your neatly pressed party outfit! This is an All white affair, I repeat an ALL WHITE AFFAIR!