Kanye's 3rd version of Flashing Lights!

Iphone commercial...

While trying to go the apple store, cuz I needed to fix my ipod and get
a charger. I found out it was closed because their were filming the
commercial for the new iphone coming out.... well know one really
knows... smh... but I heard its suppose to have more memory, faster
internet and an upgrade on the gs.
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

I Found a tat today!

As I was @ work today, my boy got a dope as tat. Its jesus with stars
all around it. Because Jesus is a star clearly get to know him
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

I broke my diet!

Omg so I pressured by my boy to eat some pizza because I was really
really hungry and the water wasn't doing it for me! So I had 1 slice I
swear! And drank it with water... 30 pound by july 1st. Do or die!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

This weather is outta control

Check out this rain cloud on my block. Shyt is crazy how it was damn
near 80 degrees and then its gonna rain. Smh
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

My Memorial day looked a lil like this!

I fell down a flight of stairs the other day and my back is all fucked
up so I really tried to relax yesterday. I lounged outside @ my mom's
house in Staten Island and chilled with the kids. Cleo and I read in bed
and then Alex and I hung out in the kitchen. But then as the night came
upon us I decided to take on the task of doing my lil Cleo's hair and as
soon as I touched her hair she fell asleep with her heavy ass head
pressed up against me. She freakin' made my back worse omg! But I got it
done as her lil brother held her head so it wouldn't bob! Lol did I
mention Alex had on his sister's dres up heels... smh these kids will be
the death of me but I love them!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Buy of the week!!!

American Apparel's comfortable T-shirt that features a stylish, deeper plunged neck than our traditional V-neck. is extra extra sexy for the summer.
100% Sheer Jersey construction, combed for softness and comfort
Sheer Rib cotton stretchable collar for increased comfort it comes in loads of colors and for only 18 bucks I think its soo much better than a hanes tee for the summer.

OOOOOOO I love this Man!!!!!

Shia LaBeouf Is my boyfriend on the side!!!! OMG I need this man in my life asap!!!! heehe Im working on getting him @ my party now!!! xoxoxo Here are some photos of him @ the Cannes Film Festival and his photoshoot in GQ magazine while he graces the cover.

Natalie Portman = Killing the Cannes

Natalie Portman is killing numbers in Lavin, Givenchy Haute Couture, and Chanel Haute Couture @ Cannes Film Festival. Not too much going on but just enough style and grace. I am in Love!!!!!

Kanye West " Flashing Lights" Part 2 I think

Polish of the moment!

While getting ready for the Hamptons yesterday I clearly needed a change
of color. For my nails im rocking neon yellow and for my toes im working
a ocean blue ( I know my toes aren't the cutest but watever). Summer
time is here so pick a bright color and show of your nails.
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

30 pounds in 1 month

I have been given the challenge of a lifetime with an opportunity of a
lifetime. I have to lose 30 pounds by July 1st for this job. Im not
gonna tell you who till I get to july 1st. I need your support seriously
so if you see me reaching for fatty foods say rain I love you and I
can't let you eat that or just slap me haha... july 1st is my judgement
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

New tat!!

My lil brother Ricky that I love to death, tatted the shyt outta me and
he isn't finished yet. He edited my wack star on my wrist that some1
else fucked up and then he put a lipstick print on my foot to represent
Kissed by Rain... next up my back ouch!
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Work work work

while planning the ultimate birthday party! I went to some showrooms
with Raphael... for a dope fashion show in Las Vegas with Loreal. Here's
on we hit up the other day... can't remember the designers name cuz I
was kinda high lol
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

DJ LissaMonet- Label Whore the Mixtape 001

andreena mill - one in a million [dub]
lil wayne & drake - a milli
lil wayne - money on my mind
jim jones - weatherman
currency f. lil wayne - where da cash at
jay-z & r kelly - get this money
saukrates - money or love
jay-z - money cash hoes
50 cent - i get money
rick ross f. t-pain - the boss
i wonder if you could guess what the theme of the mixtape is..lolz. its been the topic of discussion amongst the various circles im affiliated with. i don't know if its the change in weather but everyone is on their money hustle. whether its protecting or developing assets, building equity, making it rain on a couple of hoes or working long hours to make a milli, this mixtape applies to you.i hope you can relate. i hope.shout out to my homegirl andreena mill for the Jay-Z One In A Million dub...you dont even know.

Kidrobot makes shades???

For summer the must-have accessory is a pair of fresh sunglasses, Kidrobot just released these aviator-like plastic framed sunglasses in pink, white and blue colorways. The lens is made of a CR39 resin lens in a solid dark grey shade, with those lens you can rest assure that the lens has high abrasion/scratch resistance. The Kidrobot exclusives are limited to 100 pieces in each colorway and retail for $145. Via Freshnessmag.com

Chris Brown New Video- "Forever"

Chris Brown - "Forever" MUSIC VIDEO

Steal steal steal

I hate H&M but some of their bags are dope! Like this bag its a luggage
bag for a carry on but I love oversized bags and will rock this on an
everyday basis. It comes in a hunter green and a navy blue (as shown)
for get this $59.90. Im shocked to! Get it now.. Im bout to see if I can
get it, if my card goes thru... smh :)
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

Let me see someone with this shyt on!

While going to order another rose gold chain in the jewelry store I came
across this dumbass piece. Im not sure what to call it because its made
like a watch and it looks like one but it has no hands to nor numbers to
indicate what time it is. SMH but this shyt is being sold for $799.00.
Why I have no idea but this says dumbass written all over this piece of
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

NERD - Everybody Nose

Check out my Boy Pdizzy in the video!

Party Over herr!

The Fader Magazine Internship!!!

The FADER Magazine is the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Through in-depth reporting and a distinct street sensibility, The FADER aggressively covers the most dynamic breadth of music and style emanating from the fringes of the mainstream to the heart of the underground. The FADER is the authority on what's next. Alongside our father company, Cornerstone Promotion, we've worked on music projects from anyone like Kanye West, MIA, Lily Allen to the Chemical Brothers and Pharoahe Monch. Projects/clients include HBO, Boost Mobile, Nike and several others. Cornerstone/The FADER is presently looking for interns to assist on a variety of projects and daily tasks. If you have a genuine interest in advertising, publishing, music, events, marketing and underground sub-culture, this might just be the internship for you! Please describe, in 100 words or less, what your interests are, where you fit into the FADER/Cornerstone family, relevant experience, music taste, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Most importantly, please supply AVAILABILITY and PROFESSIONAL experience. Feel free to attatch any resume's, personal works, etc. you feel are relevant to this internship. REMEMBER: This is a NON-PAID internship. Please do NOT apply for paid positions. Please sned your resume to!!! gigs-678988726@craigslist.org

MAMA Summer Collection

Summer is approaching soon and the best thing about it is losing the big coats and getting casually dressed down into a simple chic t-shirt. Mama just released her new batch of summer ‘08 tees bringing you back to the “roaring 20’s when smoke-filled speakeasys and jazz clubs were the place to get a cocktail during Prohibition”. To add a twist to the Mama’s Joint look book, it is designed to resemble a silent film featuring scenes shot at the Milk Bar in San Francisco to give it that “secret spot” feel and be sure to pump up your volume and listen to the jazz music. The collection is available in stores and online now. > Mama

GAP Artist Edition T-shirts

GAP introduces the Artist Editions T-Shirts, a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by 13 of today’s most influential contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, Kiki Smith, Cai Guo-Qiang, Barbara Kruger, Ashley Bickerton, Kenny Scharf, Glenn Ligon, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Kerry James Marshall, Hanna Liden and Sarah Sze. GAP worked in close partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art and Art Production Fund to create the collection with the 13 artists, who are all previous Whitney Biennial participants. The Whitney Biennial is a special exhibition held every two years at the Whitney Museum of American Art that features the most important contemporary art in the United States. GAP is a proud sponsor of the 2008 Whitney Biennial. The t-shirts will be available exclusively at GAP stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and franchise markets, as well as online at gap.com starting on May 15th. It’s also available at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and at Colette, a Paris-based boutique. The t-shirts range in price from $28 to $38.

Kim Porter Come get you Baby Father!!

O Shyt Im Shocked and tight Diddy you Disgust me!!!! Cassie you home wreaker how could you break up this Non- Happy home Shyt. These pics were taken on Mother's Day which makes it worse! SMH!!

N.E.R.D: "Everyone Nose Remix"

Vimby Video: Teyana Taylor

Fuck a Curve Fuck a Pearl

You guys might remember that we showed you this phone as the Crack...uh, "Blackberry 9000" Here in a previous post. Well the good people at RIM (Research In Motion) have aptly renamed this device as the Blackberry Bold.This little smartphone PDA gadget still offers the touch screen element to combat the now standard function and feature set by Apple's iPhone. Being the latest Blackberry release in about 2 years, it wouldn't make sense for it not to feature any of the following upgrades to its hardware such as HSPDA, Wifi, 625MHz CPU, 1GB internal flash memory and expandable storage up to 16 GB. This phone is SOOOOO Coppable!!! I don't care the price Im all over this!

Joey Losing WEIGHT!!!!

Fat Joe's New diet is Definitly working and kicking ass! Big ups to you Joey!

PUT on Blast!!!

Yes I stole these Pics from YBF.com but this shyt is serious! WOW!!!! I didn't wanna believe it but its tru!

A True Angel!

Fader magazine is doing a tribute to Babygirl for their June ‘08 issue. The mag is presenting its Annual Icon Issue: A Tribute To The Influential Aaliyah, with contributions from producers, family, friends & peers. Here’s a few excerpts of what folks told the mag: Missy Elliott “We was gonna save the world. We was gonna change music every chance we got. We was gonna always be family. Forever.” Mark Ronson “If it wasn’t for Aaliyah being the face and voice of [Missy Elliott and Timbaland’s] sound they might have never got to where they did. They were presenting their sort of brilliant but challenging breakthrough music through this beautiful young girl who could sing it perfectly.” Kidada Jones “I think about her all the time…Anytime she’s brought up or her music comes on the radio, it’s sweet, but it definitely sounds like she found a niche before it was here. If you listen to her music it’s so relevant today, but we had it so long ago.” Damon Dash “She was already a fashion icon, she was getting into movies, she had already planted that seed. If she was alive today she would be so relevant. I see little bits of her everywhere I look, in a lot of artists.” Jomo Hankerson “I think a lot of that mysteriousness they talk about was just what she was. She seemed like she came here already grown up, from the beginning.”

Raheem DeVaughn: Try Again!

This is my Favorite song off of the New Album By Raheem! I love it love it love! it!

Look who I found!

Its Charli Baltimore! Chilling @ the Editor editor in Chief of XXL Mag Datwon Thomas for his b-day last night at the Hotel on Rivington in the NYC. If you have no idea who this is she is BIggie's First Baby Mother and she was signed to Murder INC. Ring a bell! She looks mighty nice with that hint of crimson rinse in her hair.

NYC finest

Seriously we know new york city has talent but seriously I have seen it
all. My man was playing the piano in the train seated on the floor with
songs he knew with no music sheets or anything. With tunes ranging from
Rihanna's "unfaithful" to Kc and jojo's " all my life" and the Titanic
theme song by Celine Dion. I was definitly real chill on this train
Rain King of Kissed By Rain

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need these BAD!!!!

Im tight as shyt I need these in my life badddddd. Not only are they MOB ( Married to the Mob) but its Reebok!! With only 300 pairs left Its unlikly I'll get a pair but Im keeping hope alive!!! Seriously!!

OOO So we are brand new!!!

I hear she got pissy with fans who noticed her and kept trying to chat her up. Even though she’s in a mall. I also hear no one even recognized her until her puppy Oscar started barking up a storm. Let me find out chick is getting too big for her britches that barely fit anyway. Rih Rih, you’re only getting shine time because of those “annoying fans” who worship you for some reason. Don’t get it twisted!!!